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Version 3.2.1

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Version 3.2.1

New Content[edit | edit source]

  • Added new Pyromancer Ultimate Alt Avatar: Steampunk Pyromancer
    • Caustor the Pyromancer lost his magical ability to command the flames of Sol, then rejoiced when he learned of the steam-powered weapons and armor the Legion Engineers were building to battle a new mysterious Hellbourne threat. Now he has his beloved flames back, as long as he can control them...
    • Item/Effect:
    • Mana Battery/Power Supply: Weapon changes from gun to arm-mounted flamethrower
    • Any Boots: Upgraded boots
    • Tablet: Backpack upgrades to jet pack
    • Grave Locket / Sacrificial Stone: Upgraded helmet/optics
    • Portal Key: Clockwork Dragon Minion
    • Sheepstick: Unique Form Change (Clockwork Sheep)
    • Grimoire of Power / Spellshards: Body Armor Upgrade
    • Releases on 8/16/2013
  • Added new Moraxus Alt Avatar: Mortracksus
    • Someone in Hell's Keep is developing new machines of destruction for the Hellbourne, and the first to roll onto the battlefield is Mortracksus, a steam-driven and blade-covered butcher.
    • Releases on 8/14/2013
  • Added new Geomancer Alt Avatar: Drillex
    • The infernal new machines steaming out of Hell's Keep continue with Drillex, a multi-legged murderer designed to penetrate the heart of the Legion.
    • Releases on 8/19/2013
  • Added new Bloodhunter Alt Avatar: Organ Grinder
    • The mysterious inventor in Hell's Keep has churned out another monstrosity, and Legion blood will have no safe haven when the Organ Grinder is injected into the fray
    • Releases on 8/21/2013
  • Added new Gunblade Holiday Avatar: Cossack
    • Adept at both long- and short-range weaponry, the fierce Legion mercenary Cossack travels with everything he needs to bring devastation to his enemies, and this year he will celebrate his independence by clearing the battlefield of daemons.
    • Releases on 8/23/2013
  • Added new Behemoth Avatar: Steamoth
    • If it is blood and souls the Hellbourne wants, give them neither! Legion Engineers have built an army of steam-powered Behemoths and sent them to the front lines to rend fissures through the daemon ranks.
    • Releases on 8/26/2013
  • Added new Monkey King Alt Avatar: TDMonkey King
    • Trademark eSports, with a roster of Mynuts, Insania, Limmp, Zai`, and NoobG, won Dreamhack Winter 2012 and was given an opportunity to create an alt avatar as one of their rewards. This avatar was created specifically by Zai` who received his inspiration from his good friend Heimer.
    • Releases on 8/17/2013

Matchmaking[edit | edit source]

  • New feature: Persistent Groups
    • You will stay in the same group after the match that you entered the match with
    • If you are in queue and the match fails to start, you are automatically re-queued
  • New feature: Match Confirmation
    • When Matchmaking finds a match, all players in the game will need to confirm they are ready before it will start
  • Added new Mode to replace All Random in Matchmaking: Balanced Random
    • On each team, five different random settings will be used for picking. The slots will work as followed:
    • Random from the pool of Carries
    • Random from the pool of Initiators
    • Random from the pool of Gankers
    • Random from the pool of Supports
    • Random from All Heroes (this will random from either melee, ranged, or all heroes depending on the makeup of the previous four randoms)
    • Where these slots lie on the team will also be random. (ex. Pink could random a Carry one game, but random a Support the next). If anyone repicks, it will re-random a hero from the whole pool.
  • Grimms Crossing Removed from Matchmaking
  • Core Pool and Locpick Removed from Matchmaking
    • Please see the in-game blog for more details

Bug Fixes and Optimizations[edit | edit source]


  • Fixed Couriers from obtaining the health regeneration state from Blight Stones so they won't become unkillable

Dust of Revelation

  • Capped charges at 100 to prevent charge overflow errors


  • Artillery LRM.jpg LRM's impact will no longer play through fog


  • Fixed him not having his shell visual on his back if he doesn't issue any command after Bubbles Shell Surf.jpg Shell Surf ends


  • Engineer Spider Mines.jpg Spider Mines have been given a self active ability to destroy themselves


  • Kinesis Thoughtsteal.jpg Mass Control will now properly check for trees in the correct 1200 radius when using the second activation


  • Fixed Prophet Decelerate.jpg Persecution to not consume 2 charges on one attack when propagating attacks from Shared Fate


  • Fixed Dominus Ravenor's HP bar so that it hovers a bit more over his head now


  • Fixed Revenant Mortification.jpg Mortification from not damaging enemies with the enemy AoE affectors if cast on self with level 3 Revenant Manifestation.jpg Manifestation/level 2 Manifestation + Staff of the Master.jpg SotM or higher


  • Avatar form's HP calculation algorithm fixed so it won't divide by 0, resulting in an instant death
  • Illusions in the Avatar form will now properly die
  • Token of Life will no longer be consumed if killed while in the Avatar form


  • Fixed non player-controlled creeps from taking the Succubus Mesmerize.jpg Mesmerizestate from a target sometimes