Version 3.2.6

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Version 3.2.6

New Content[edit | edit source]

- Added new Grinex.jpg Grinex Alt Avatar: Cyber Steel Grinex.jpg Cyber Steel Grinex

  • A mysterious mad inventor is creating robotic versions of Hellbourne daemons, and one of his proudest designs is Cyber Steel Grinex, a perfect improvement upon the original, flawed creature from the Rift. When Cyber Steel Grinex dominates the battlefield, all of Newerth will recognize the genius and fervor inherent in the design.
  • Releases 10/23/2013

- Added new Draconis.jpg Draconis Alt Avatar: Mecha Draconis.jpg Mecha Draconis

  • An ambitious move by the Legion to combine the power of the ancient protector Draconis with forgotten technology that once wrought destruction upon an entire generation has resulted in a mechanical wyvern so sleek and deadly that obtaining a piece of his body is even more valuable than the treasure Draconis once protected.
  • Releases 10/23/2013

- Added new Taunt: Super Taunt.jpg Super Taunt

  • Use the Super Taunt like kryptonite to utterly demolish your opponent. And his support. And his buddy who went mid. And the jungler. And then him again. Because when you’re this good, "super" is the only way to describe your skill.
  • Enhances your current taunt by refreshing it after every successful taunt kill!
  • Super Taunt can only be purchased through Plinko Ticket Redemption.
  • Releases 10/23/2013

- Added new Behemoth.jpg Behemoth Alt Avatar: Basher Behemoth.jpg Basher Behemoth

  • The United States World Series is in full swing, and Basher Behemoth is ready to sock a few Hellbourne dingers out of the park. No performance enhancing drugs here, unless you count Frostfield Plate and a Behemoth’s Heart.
  • Releases 10/25/2013

- Added new Amun-Ra.jpg Amun-Ra Alt Avatar: RoboRa.jpg RoboRa

  • RoboRa may be the unknown Hellbourne inventor’s most nefarious creation. This mechanical monster is powered by solar energy, harnessing the gift of Sol and using it against those who worship him.
  • Releases 10/30/2013

- Added new Nomad.jpg Nomad Alt Avatar: Exterminator Nomad.jpg Exterminator Nomad

  • A relic of the genocides that occurred during the scientific enlightenment before the Fall of Man, the Exterminator Nomad was sent on roaming missions by the government to infiltrate underground resistance camps and exterminate them one by one. Once adept at combing large areas of urban decay without rest, the robotic body of this ancient warrior has been almost perfectly preserved, resting in Tork the Engineer’s cellar until his circuitry could be understood and reconnected.
  • Releases 10/30/2013

- Added new Taunt: Rainbow Taunt.jpg Rainbow Taunt

  • What better way to embarrass your enemies than to kill them with kindness? Show your true colors when this fabulous beast struts onto the battlefield, loud and proud.
  • Releases 11/1/2013

General[edit | edit source]

- Halloween has come to Newerth once again!

- Logger's Hatchet.jpg Logger's Hatchet

  • no longer deals increased damage to allied creeps
  • can no longer be thrown at Bosses
  • now deals the correct amount of damage to Mechanical units when thrown
    • Was dealing 100% of your attack damage when it should have been dealing 50% against Mechanical units

Bug Fixes and Optimizations[edit | edit source]

- Plinko: If you exit plinko mid-drop it will now resume the drop when you reopen it - Plinko: Fixed sound issues

- Fixed blinking on Ability cooldowns in the spectator UI - Fixed the close buttons on notifications not working correctly