Version 3.4.8

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  • NOTE: Hotkeys to use Items ingame have been reset to the default
  • NOTE: Please uninstall any mods you might have active, as this patch changes a lot. There is a high potential the mods will break until they are updated
  • NOTE: With the surprise Prophet mode being released this version is officially version 3.4.8 instead of 3.4.7

New Content[edit | edit source]

The head of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, the impressive ** but arrogant ** Lancelot was a frightening warrior, unmatched in his abilities with the cavalry. His iconic lance was considered a prized weapon, enhanced with magic by Arthur's court wizard, Merlin, who saw a great future in the boy from a young age. A bit too pretentious for his own good, he often rubbed people the wrong way, including Arthur's trusted Green Knight, with whom he had a respectable but rocky relationship.
There can be only one... Gold Edition Legionnaire! Even the most hardened soldiers of the Hellbourne shy away when The Kurgan joins the fight—especially those who consider themselves immortal. While most daemons seek victory, blood, and souls from Man and Beast, The Kurgan scours the battlefield for only the most potent life-force, and he cares not if he takes if from Legion, Hellbourne, Rift, or Chiprel. And if your life-force is deemed unworthy of collecting, you'll most likely be tossed into the dog pit for amusement. But don't lose your head! As long as he doesn't decapitate you, you can come back for another go. Wait, his Ultimate ability is called Decapitate? Well played, Kurgan.
Formerly the most powerful knight in Newerth, long before the reign of King Maliken, the Green Knight was a proud and vigilant defender of Caldavar's monarchy. His strength and cunning was a blessing to the Legion on the battlefield, as well as in the barracks, where he devoted his time to teaching infantry soldiers. His humanity came to a halt after his body was destroyed by a sorceress, trapping his soul in his armor.
Now that he has been redeemed by Zeus, Hades can once again travel among the living without keeping one foot in the underworld. While he does enjoy the living world, he misses his kingdom of the dead. Redeemed Hades feels even more animosity toward Zeus now; he thinks his younger brother redeemed him out of pity and as a show of his power. Redeemed Hades still believes his underworld is a great place to be, and he will send as many heroes there as he can.
Lady Liberty is a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness, and a symbol of freedom throughout Newerth, but nothing shines brighter than her ego. She is a champion for those who cannot fight for themselves, espousing the truths of liberty and justice, though her methods can seem reckless, even counter*intuitive at times. Regardless, she is respected throughout the land for her bravery and cunning, waving the stars and stripes as she flies between army regiments, uniting her own and dividing the enemy.
The POGS avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.