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eSports Plinko[edit | edit source]

  • eSports plinko has replaced the current plinko board and 25% of all proceeds will directly go into the Hontour Season 3 prizepool! For more information on the prizing breakdown visit
  • In honor of eSports plinko we have replaced the bronze chest with Ursa Corps chest, increased the odds of the chest, and added in the previous exclusive eSports avatars from the Footlocker.
  • Ursa Corps avatars are still available in the Diamond and Gold chests as well

Balance[edit | edit source]

Since the launch of 3.5 there have been numerous concerns regarding the balance of Nullstone and Riptide. Per your feedback, we've added a 150 cost recipe to Nullstone so the item is no longer dissassemblable. We are also taking a look at Riptide and will have changes for him coming in shortly!
  • Null Stone.jpg Null Stone
    • Removed auto combine and disassemble
    • Added a recipe of 150 gold

New Content[edit | edit source]

Even the most Virtuous have their dark sides, and Temperance ignored and denied his until he ventured into the realm of Gluttony, over-indulging in restraint until he caused the physical manifestation of his rage in the form of the Dark Angel. Behold the black wings of wrath and vengeance!
Several temple ruins scattered around Newerth are home to human sacrifice and bloodletting in the name of Maliken and the high demons with which he bargained. Among the female acolytes that serve the spirits, Sister Death is the highest rank achievable, a title bestowed to those with the most devotion and seniority. They alone have direct contact with demons, and are often used as sacrificial lambs on the battlefield, giving up their bodies for the sake of the Hellbourne
Generations before the scientific singularity that unified much of Eclipse's galaxy, palaces existed in separate realms throughout space, their interplanetary boundaries guarded fiercely by warriors who combined technology and arcane magic. The borders required the protection of many experienced and battle-ready summoners, who, if provoked, could sap the life of intruders until they could be appropriately restrained and put through the planetary court system. In dire circumstances, or in the event of a raid on government buildings, the summoners were able to control large beasts to tank most of the attacking force's ammunition. Their weaponry and back pieces symbolized the cruel punishment that lay in store for foreigners who disobeyed the orders of the rulers on those planets.
The Cyber Samurai is a perfectly programmed, armored killing machine. By melding ancient Japanese form with futuristic armor to synthesize a slick, undetectable mercenary, the silent assassin is as tough as he is eloquent, leaving no trace of his presence once he has massacred his targets. Developed alongside Exterminator Nomad as a method of security for restricted areas that were not yet burdened by corrosive gas and extreme weather, the Cyber Samurai was a modern marvel before the Fall of Man, silencing those who sought to silence. Detailed by its engineers with more finesse, and an emphasis on many quick slashes over a few large ones for increased probability of damage, the cauterizing blades would leave less to clean up when the infiltrators were disposed of. The unflinching samurai warrior epitomized the cold-blooded murderer, moving onto his next assignment with no remorse or time for contemplation
For centuries Hermes has carried messages and souls from Newerth to the afterlife-and avoided getting involved in the drama of mankind-but he could no longer stand by when the Hellbourne began poaching thousands of heaven-bound souls and using them for their fell means. And when he heard the rumor that wench Circe had joined the daemons, he couldn't run to the battlefield fast enough.
  • New Devourer.jpg Devourer Avatar: Kodia.jpg Kodia, URSA Corps Devourer (HoN Tour Avatar)
Kodia uses her mechanically superior brain to create the brawn for the URSA Corps, sifting through Legion and Hellbourne junkyards to salvage what her squad needs to survive and protect those caught between the warring factions and their vacillating, haphazard strategies. She will defend her URSA sisters to the death, and if that day comes she'll take as many enemies with her as she can.
The POGS avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed tooltip errors with some of the balance changes
  • Rampage.jpg Rampage
    • Rampage Stampede.jpg Stampede now shows a visual indicator (visible to allies only) above the enemy target while Rampage is charging that target
  • Hellbringer.jpg Hellbringer
    • Hellbringer Summon Malphas.jpg Malphas pets are properly displayed in the HoN Store and Learnatorium for all alt avatars
  • Moira.jpg Moira
    • Moira Shards of Harkon.jpg Shards of Harkon projectiles apply their proper damage & stun in midair & if cast by the Moira Ephemeral Forge.jpg Spirit Mimic and the Spirit Mimic dies before the projectiles impact
  • Tremble.jpg Tremble
    • Tremble Hive Mind.jpg Boris' Tremble Ensnare.jpg Ensnarenow has its proper icon again
    • Tremble Dark Swarm.jpg Dark Swarm debuff no longer displays the debuff on buildings
      • No gameplay effect, i.e. Dark Swarm still reduces damage if buildings are outside the Dark Swarm radius
    • Tremble Dark Swarm.jpg Dark Swarm no longer mitigates damage against invulnerable units that are inside the Dark Swarm radius
    • Tremble Impalers.jpg Impalers no longer apply a slow debuff to buildings