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General[edit | edit source]

  • There is a disturbance in Newerth and something is ripping open the portal to the Rift. The third map in TMM is being changed from Prophets to a variant of Rift Wars on the Midwars map. Snotter Boss will be included along with a change in the price of the Amulet of Rebirth (30 GC -> 5 GC).

New Content[edit | edit source]

Swooping through the trees in the dead of night and watching over the forests as a faithful guardian, the Luna Moth can be seen like a shooting star: promising hope, but rarely spotted. Some make wishes on her, others tout her as an angel, and even those who have been blessed by her presence can't say for sure what she is, except a protector of Newerth's forests who glows with the light of something other-worldly -- that is, if she can be spotted at all.
Which is scarier: a lion, or a giant three-tailed scorpion? If you answered "a combination of both," you've probably already heard the stories of the Manticore, who roams Newerth with an insatiable bloodlust. The barbs on the end of each of his tails secrete a paralytic toxin, capable of loosening the muscles of his prey just enough to immobilize them while he devours them whole. It is hard to gauge the panic that rushes through the body of each victim in their defenseless state, but the satisfied grin of the Manticore is enough the plague with discontent the minds of those who have not yet felt his claws ripping them to shreds.
The constellation Taurus has spent eons among the stars, enjoying the peaceful bliss and harmony of the galaxies. But the wars raging on Newerth have disrupted the balance of all things, including the heavens, and the stubborn Taurus will not tolerate such a disturbance. He has taken physical form as a powerful bull and descended to Newerth, where he will end this bothersome struggle between the Legion and Hellbourne, gather what gold he desires, and return to his place among the constellations.
When Maliken sent his assassins to slaughter the Bubble Mages at the opening quake of the Second Corruption, it was thought the only survivors were Pearl and Bubbles. However, a third was overlooked: Malice, twin to Pearl, who sulked in her sister's shadow and wished for an opportunity to put the overachieving star pupil in her place. Malice's chance came when the daemons whispered to her in the night, urging her to counter the protective spells shrouding the monastery, unlock the gates, the front door...and stand aside for the massacre. Malice fled with the daemons after the murderous spree and trained with Jaru the Corrupted Disciple, Putra the Defiler, and Circe herself, honing her once-blessed sorcery into a vile weapon to use against the Legion and her damned sister.
Known as the "Demon Rider" to his enemies, Lancelot's End Bringer armor signified that the oncoming armies of King Arthur were not on any diplomatic missions. Their assignment was only to destroy the enemy camp or castle, leaving no trace of their existence but a smoldering crater. As he aged, his confidence only grew, putting off many former allies. Lancelot began wearing this armor almost exclusively, traveling alone, brutalizing anyone who stood before him, and refusing to take orders from anyone he respected before.
Some say fear is a great motivator; Mistress of Arms believes it's a lot more useful when combined with a pair of pulsing plasma rifles. Known colloquially as "The Mistress," the URSA Corps' lady of war doesn't believe in fear, but finds great joy instilling it in others. Armed to the teeth with advanced technology, she knows every tool for every job—and who doesn't belong on her project. Her no-nonsense demeanor is relieving to some and off-putting to others, but she doesn't have any aspirations to be the leader… Unless it comes with a hefty paycheck.
  • New Arachna.jpg Arachna Skin: Arachna (POG)
    • The POGs avatars are here! These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • Cthulhuphant.jpg Cthulhuphant
    • Applies the insanity state correctly for Cthulhuphant Dream of Madness.jpg Dreams of Madness if the target unit has no nearby allies (prevents an accumulation of Dreams of Madness charges while being forced to attack)
  • Tempest.jpg Tempest
    • Tempest Elemental.jpg Elemental replicate cooldown removed (for better tooltip visual purposes)