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New Content[edit | edit source]

Once a year the elite combatants of Newerth clash on the ultimate battlefield, the Garena Star League, and Gisele is tired of cheering from the booths! She carries the full power of the spectacular event with an arsenal of stars, lights, and lasers to dazzle the crowd and leave her enemies wishing they'd opted for the VIP access!
  • New Event Wards: Garena Star League Wards
    • GSL Trophy Ward: A dazzling GSL star floating above the ultimate tournament trophy: the Doom Bringer! This ward will be available for purchase from the store
    • Sync eSports: The electric Sync logo floating above a furious digital storm.
    • Snoop Dog: The fierce DDog logo floating above a burning team banner.
  • New Event Courier: Garena Star League Courier
The last thing you need during the GSL 2015 tournament is delayed delivery of your items, and the GSL postman will make sure you get them ASAP!
  • New Event Icon: Garena Star League Icon
Show your support for GSL 2015 by rocking this account icon!
The elite Witch Slayer named Jonathan Wry embarked upon a mission to carry the purifying Sun Chalice to the Scar and pour its contents into the depths of the Underworld so Newerth could finally begin to heal. With each step closer to the Scar, Wry could feel the corruption taking root within his body, his soul. This mission would cost him his life, but sacrifice had always been prized by Sol's chosen. As he tipped the chalice toward the Scar, a beautiful woman with a dragon draped across her shoulders made him pause, made him doubt, and this was all the corruption needed to complete its infestation. Jonathan Wry became Sacrilege, and the Legion's greatest Witch Slayer now hunted his former brothers and sisters for Calamity's twisted version of Sol's prophecy.
This Gold Edition avatar changes from pure to corrupted as you level up and features new effects for Graveyard, Power Drain, and Silver Bullet. In addition, any boots will give him glowing, corrupted footprints.
No matter what happens on the battlefield against the brutal, merciless Hellbourne, there is one man in Adkarna who never gets depressed. This may have something to do with the fact that he never gets sober, but we'll never know. The Drunken Fool is the full-time professional Jester of the Royal Family, but because Jeraziah hates fun and Ophelia rarely sets foot in the Capital, the Fool spends most of his time making sure the wine cellar does not gather cobwebs and honing his stage combat skills against the gilded mirrors throughout the castle. "How feeble and wobbly these enemies are! Have at you, bleruuughzzzzz..."
Fluffybringer loves three things: Easter egg hunts, bad puns and electricity. This gives the annual festival in Newerth a bit of a 'shocking' twist and is sure to liven the mood for a while. Don't let his name or appearance fool you though; there is nothing fluffy and sweet about about him if he catches you stealing his eggs or cheating on the Easter egg hunt-he'll have no qualms steaming you like a cup of hot chocolate.
These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

Music and Sounds[edit | edit source]

  • New music added in for Caldavar and Midwars' maps
  • New lobby music