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Version 3.7.12

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Design[edit | edit source]

New Game Mode[edit | edit source]

Devo Wars

We are finally bringing a classic game mode into HoN's matchmaking! Over the last few months we have polished and enhanced the traditional gameplay into an exciting experience.
Devo Wars map information and tips are shown while loading and queuing for a Devo Wars game.

Here is a list of the rules for Devo Wars and how it differs from other gameplay modes:

Pick Mode:

How to Win:

  • First team to 60 kills wins the game.
  • Match will end at 20 minutes if 60 kills are not reached, awarding the win to the team with the higher number of kills.


  • Devo Wars takes place on a very small map with a river in the middle you cannot walk across, but can get hooked across!
  • Shops are located in the back-middle of each side.
  • There is a large pillar in the middle of the map off of which the hooks will bounce.
  • There are four posts on the map located on each corner near the river. These block movement, but not hooks or vision.
    • These posts can be hit by the Grappling Hook if you buy the item.


  • The first 15 seconds of each game is the time to purchase items, during which a player cannot move or use abilities.
    • There are sixteen items to choose from. Explore the options and see what you like the most!
  • Each Devourer has only one ability: Chain Hook.
  • Each of the following upgrades can be leveled any number of times, but you still cap at level 25.
  • Chain Hook can be upgraded in four ways:
    • Damage: Base of 250 and each level adds 15.
    • Range: Base of 1600 and each level adds 120.
    • Speed: Base of 1100 and each level adds 40.
    • Touch Radius: Base of 70 and each level adds 5.
    • Chain Hook bounces off walls.
  • Hooking a Devourer that is being dragged by someone else will instantly kill (or deny) them!
  • Respawn time lowered to ~3-5 seconds at all levels.
  • When you respawn, you are invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.
  • Runes spawn every 20 seconds and move down the river.
  • Runes must be hooked to get their effects.
  • Types of Runes:
    • Time Rune: Grants +150 Movement Speed for 12 seconds.
    • Electric Hook Rune: Your next hook will instantly kill the first enemy it hits. Don't miss!
    • Bomb Rune: Puts a bomb buff on yourself. After 5 seconds, enemies around you take damage and are stunned.
    • Split Hook Rune: Your next hook launches three Chain Hooks instead of one.
    • Coin Rune: Instantly gives you +100 Gold.

Special thanks to community members CJXander, HyperXewl and Kawaiiiii for helping produce some of the content in the Devo Wars map!

Community[edit | edit source]

Player Appreciation[edit | edit source]

October is Player Appreciation Month and this year we will be starting the process of running through all of our old avatar sets and giving them each new, updated set effects. We will be implementing effects for four different sets each patch until we run out. Since we are changing/adding effects to some of our older sets, all of the avatars associated with the changed sets will become available for a short period of time (yes, even Golds, EAs, and Debuts). Here are the first four sets that will receive effects:
  • The Zodiac Set (All Zodiac avatars will be available from 10/26 - 11/2)
  • The Rulian Marsh Set
    • Added effect: If you own all of the Rulian Marsh avatars you will unlock a trail of sprouting mushrooms that follow the characters!
    • Avatars in set: Toadwood Deadstool.jpg Toadwood Deadstool Deadwood, Jin Chan.jpg Jin Chan Devourer (Gold Collection will be on sale from 10/20 - 10/26), Fungal Bramble.jpg Fungal Bramble.
  • The Halloween Cosplay Set
    • Added effect: If you own all of the Halloween Cosplay avatars, all of the avatars will spawn from their very own Jack-O-Lantern!
    • Avatars in set: Lynn X.jpg Lynn X Grinex, Bonnie Blood Hunter.jpg Bonnie Blood Hunter, Ellie Envy.jpg Ellie Envy Parasite, Preda Tori.jpg Preda Tori Predator.
  • The Blackwal Set
    • Added effect: If you own all of the Blackwal avatars each avatar will spawn a skeletal companion!
    • Avatars in set: Blackwal Salforis.jpg Blackwal Salforis, Death Dealer.jpg Death Dealer Tarot, Necrosis.jpg Necrosis Kinesis (Gold Collection will be on sale from 10/26 - 11/2), Mangler.jpg Mangler Engineer, Brimstone.jpg Brimstone Pyromancer.
  • Community Event Team
    • We're here to bring you HoN-related events with huge prizes once again!
    • Nitro was in dire need of flavor tooltips. The following submissions have won, and the players who submitted them get a Nitro alt avatar of their choice!
Nitro Ballistic.jpg Ballistic: This one has your name on it! (Submitted by CuysauruS)
Nitro Divide & Conquer.jpg Divide & Conquer: I'll hold down the fort! (Submitted by CraZ_Killa)
Nitro Lock & Load.jpg Lock & Load: It's literally a hit-and-run. (Submitted by LOLsmiles)
Nitro Runaround.jpg Runaround: Hey, don't scratch the bike! (Submitted by ElVasilisk)
Nitro HEAT Round.jpg HEAT Round: The magic number is...three! (Submitted by CraZ_Killa)
  • The community CAI contest has ended and the winning 9 submissions have had their submissions implemented into the game!
  • The winners received three avatars of their choice as well as a free custom account icon in addition to their submitted Account Icon.
  • Take a gander at the winning submissions below:
    • Angry Merrick
    • BreakCPK
    • For The Legion
    • iCounterward
    • My Main Is 1800
    • One More Drop
    • Rhapionnaire
    • The End In Sight
    • Wolf Deal With It

The War Effort[edit | edit source]

  • Cycle 9 has ended and prizes will be given out by October 23rd.
  • Cycle 10 has begun and will be active until November 17th.
  • The top 25 players on the RANKED MMR Ladder will be rewarded with the Trophy Avatar as well. First rewards will go out on November 17th.

HoN Tour Season 4[edit | edit source]

The fourth edition of the official competitive circuit for Heroes of Newerth continues! With a multi-divisional format, there are opportunities for both amateurs and professionals in HoN Tour. Grab your friends and head over to for more information.

Diamond Chest, Ticket Exchange, and Avatar Discounts[edit | edit source]

Every patch we rotate the avatars in Plinko's Diamond Chest, the Ticket Exchange, and our Avatar Discounts. Here are this patch's updates:

  • Diamond Chest Contents:
Commander of Arms.jpg Commander of Arms Jade Warrior.jpg Jade Warrior Centipedalisk.jpg Centipedalisk Lord Midas.jpg Lord Midas Queen Monarch.jpg Queen Monarch
Panthera Gemini.jpg Panthera Gemini Dreadknight Salforis.jpg Dreadknight Salforis Chaos Berzerker.jpg Chaos Berzerker Hydraxis.jpg Hydraxis Zeta Kinesis.jpg Zeta Kinesis
Warmonger Gunblade.jpg Warmonger Gunblade Invader Ravenor.jpg Invader Ravenor Savior Rally.jpg Savior Rally Barrage.jpg Barrage Arctos.jpg Arctos
Jin Chan.jpg Jin Chan Leprechaun Blacksmith.jpg Leprechaun Blacksmith Primal Dracon.jpg Primal Dracon Gladius Beardicus.jpg Gladius Beardicus Yanluo Wang.jpg Yanluo Wang
Inti Jeraziah.jpg Inti Jeraziah Moon Prince.jpg Moon Prince Golden Pebbles.jpg Golden Pebbles Hang Tuah.jpg Hang Tuah Guan Yu.jpg Guan Yu
Sloth.jpg Sloth Pride.jpg Pride Charity.jpg Charity Envy.jpg Envy Big Boss.jpg Big Boss
Monster Trainer.jpg Monster Trainer LightGunblade.jpg LightGunblade Stardust Aluna.jpg Stardust Aluna Blackwal Salforis.jpg Blackwal Salforis Tork.jpg Tork
Rulian Warlord Flint.jpg Rulian Warlord Flint Quintan.jpg Quintan Humility.jpg Humility Sun Wukong.jpg Sun Wukong Brunhild.jpg Brunhild
Arctic Harrier.jpg Arctic Harrier Caller Cthulhuphant.jpg Caller Cthulhuphant Pegasus.jpg Pegasus Partisan Slayer.jpg Partisan Slayer  
  • Ticket Exchange Contents:
Martyr.jpg Throwback Martyr Sabre Tooth Archer.jpg Sabre Tooth Archer Ladybug Pestilence.jpg Ladybug Pestilence Shock Troop War.jpg Shock Troop War Rhapscallion.jpg Rhapscallion
Rift Warden.jpg Rift Warden Primal Dracon.jpg Primal Dracon Gladius Beardicus.jpg Gladius Beardicus Pegasus.jpg Pegasus Partisan Slayer.jpg Partisan Slayer
  • Discount Avatars:
Oni Devourer.jpg Oni Devourer Snow Zephyr.jpg Snow Zephyr Dark Jeraziah.jpg Dark Jeraziah Gypsy Fayde.jpg Gypsy Fayde Phantom Tempest.jpg Phantom Tempest
Queen Bee Monarch.jpg Queen Bee Monarch Woolly Cthulhuphant.jpg Woolly Cthulhuphant Shaka Nomad.jpg Shaka Nomad Geojuice.jpg Geojuice Chainsaw Moraxus.jpg Chainsaw Moraxus
Xeno Predator.jpg Xeno Predator Demonbuster Electrician.jpg Demonbuster Electrician PeKing Duck.jpg PeKing Duck O-yoroi Gauntlet.jpg O-yoroi Gauntlet Medusa Midas.jpg Medusa Midas
Storm Demon Ravenor.jpg Storm Demon Ravenor Bone Prophet.jpg Bone Prophet Scorcher.jpg Scorcher Garbagore.jpg Garbagore Kurukuru.jpg Kurukuru
Vagabonadon.jpg Vagabonadon Stealth Hunter (Avatar).jpg Stealth Hunter Odin.jpg Odin Zeus.jpg Zeus Svarog.jpg Svarog

Community Funding | The Paragons[edit | edit source]

Show your support for HTS4 and get your Paragon avatars from Plinko today! 25% of all proceeds collected will go directly to competitive HoN eSports!

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

New Content[edit | edit source]

  • Halloween has arrived in the Forests of Caldavar and Mid Wars! Spooky trees, flapping bats, cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, and trick-or-treating creeps are all here to celebrate this fun and frightening holiday!
  • Halloween music from 2014 added with six new tracks.

The Paragons[edit | edit source]

The Paragons are a faction of ancient, elemental guardians from the isolated Isle of Argentia. They embody the wisdom, emotion, and power of the earth, and the flesh of each Paragon has been overtaken by veins of crystals that hold a strong connection to the planet. They have refused to enter the wars among Man, Beast, and Daemon for fear that if captured, their bodies could be used as conduits to feed death and corruption directly into the earth.
But with King Jeraziah driven to the brink of his faith and needing someone to counter the self-righteous destruction of the URSA Corps, he summons The Paragons, knowing that once they see the state of Newerth they will be forced to join the fight against the Hellbourne as well.
The Zircon Paragon is the eldest of the elemental guardians, and his gems have witnessed every moment of pain since life first appeared on the planet. As a result, the Zircon Paragon seeks to protect the innocent against suffering, evil, and negative energies. Entombing the daemons causing the suffering, evil, and negative energy in crypts of Zircon is a great way to start.
Paragon Upgrades
  • Each Paragon avatar can be upgraded up to 5 times by acquiring upgrades
  • Upgrades will become available in the Paragon Chest in Plinko after you own the respective Paragon Avatar.
Zircon Paragon Glacius Upgrades:
  • Glacius Tundra Blast.jpg Tundra Blast Upgrade: A crystal burst of energy over zircon crystal spikes in the area of effect.
  • Glacius Ice Imprisonment.jpg Ice Imprisonment Upgrade: Zircon crystals encase the body of the affected target.
  • Glacius Chilling Presence.jpg Chilling Presence Upgrade: Zircon energy pulses underneath the affected heroes.
  • Glacius Glacial Downpour.jpg Glacial Downpour Upgrade: Energy swirls around the falling ice shards while zircon crystal spikes form in the area of effect.
  • Carnage Counter Upgrade: Dazzle all of Newerth with a running display of your all-time kills and assists with your Paragon avatars!
Paragon Trail of Magic

Devo Wars[edit | edit source]

  • Bedsheet Devo Ward.jpg Bedsheet Devo
    • Find the best tricks and treats with the Bedsheet Devo ward!
  • Gluttony Ward.jpg Gluttony
    • MORE WARDS! Consume the whole map with Gluttony wards!
  • Jin Chan Ward.jpg Jin Chan
    • Don't get too froggy until you know what's around with a Jin Chan ward!
  • Paku Devo Ward.jpg Paku Devo
    • Use the Paku Devo ward to make sure those pesky ghosts don't get away!
  • Captain Gorebeard Ward.jpg Captain Gorebeard
    • Scan for dangerous waters with the Captain Gorebeard ward!
  • Rift Revourer Ward.jpg Rift Devourer
    • Don't fear the pitch black of the Rift with the Rift Devo ward!

Halloween[edit | edit source]

Born with a golden spoon in her mouth to go along with an insatiable sweet tooth, this young lady has always looked forward to Halloween because her clairvoyance shows which of her rich neighbors have the best candy (and she knows it's really Devo beneath that bedsheet). If they don't want to give up the goods, she's ready and willing to bind them all together and bounce from house to house, drawing the full-size candy bars and sacks of peanut butter cups. Sure, she could just go out and buy the sweets herself, but paying for power is for chumps and she wouldn't get a chance to show off her wildly expensive Halloween party outfit! The only downside of being this clever and clairvoyant is that no one can ever trick her with Halloween fun.
  • New Halloween Ward: Batty Ward.jpg Batty
Never be blind as a bat with this full moon Halloween ward shining!

General[edit | edit source]

Hired Gun Flint brings a new type of interaction to Newerth! In order to escape after executing his contracts, Hired Gun Flint changes into one of eight disguises. In the rare case he's on the wrong end of a hit, he respawns in his stylish base suit and tie.
Flint Beastwood is tired of earning puny Creep bounties and ransacking the bodies of his victims, so he’s gone professional, complete with a finely tailored suit and full wardrobe of disguises so he can approach his victims undetected and escape any pursuit. His lethal services are available to the highest bidder, and if you plunk down the cash, you get a body. It might be your body, but nobody said Flint was a good businessman.
There are few sailors of the Hollow Sea brave or stupid enough to whisper of The Maw, the deepest oceanic trench upon Newerth's scarred landscape. Those who can muster the courage to mention it speak only myth and rumor, for any vessel unlucky enough to actually gaze into the churning abyss is pulled to its black depths forever...or until The Maw decides to regurgitate them, drowned, twisted and deformed by the crushing pressure and insidious consciousness of the void.
The notorious admiral of the Legion's Armada called Captain Keelhaul by his crew (though never to his face) was infamous for his strict discipline and harsh punishments, and when he planned to toss a forbidden barrel of rum overboard his sailors could stand no more. They mutinied, dragging the admiral along the keel as they sailed over The Maw, and when the rough hemp rope grew slack and the frayed end was pulled from the dark waters with no corpse attached, the crew thought that was the last anyone would see of Keelhaul. But The Maw found a perfect soldier in the admiral, whose fury only increased as his body was twisted and transformed in the black depths, and when The Maw spat him back into the world of the living, Keelhaul had a ship's worth of scores to settle.
The Blight Fields were once known as the Fields of Light, a glorious and sacrosanct cemetery for the citizens of Hope's Keep. Now it is a wasteland corrupted by the nearby Scar and the constant eruption of Krula, which looms above the landscape spewing soot and cinder into the sky. But the grand mausoleums that once made the Fields of Light into a small city -- albeit a very quiet one -- are full of untold treasures and relics buried with the men and women who once ruled Hope's Keep, and the Blightstalkers risk their lives to venture deep into the zones of corruption. They make every attempt to equip themselves against any threat, but one can never know what horror they will encounter in the Blight Fields, be it mutated, spectral, daemonic or completely beyond classification.
This is Minos at the height of his mortal power, when he was on a mission to avenge the death of his son Androgeos, who died fighting a bull at Marathon. After causing havoc across all of Hellas, he asked his father Zeus to punish Attica and the god ravaged the city with plague and hunger. This drove Athens to obey any command from Minos to avoid the same fate, and he demanded that each year they send seven young boys and seven young girls to him so he could throw them into his labyrinth to be eaten by the Minotaur.
Now, as a judge of the dead, Minos has the ability to summon his former self and wield the burning vengeance and incredibly manipulative powers of King Minos, and his pet Minotaur shall never go hungry!
Not all Scouts of the Hidden Village choose to operate beneath the protective and familiar canopies of the forests and jungles of Newerth; some are called to the crowded, clamorous streets of Adkarna, the Legion capitol that provides its own civilized versions of survival of the fittest. Though they are far from home, their Scout mission to eliminate the Hellbourne threat remains the same, for Adkarna is infested with daemon spies, deceivers, and assassins constantly seeking opportunities to disrupt the Legion cause. These infiltrators believe they are invisible, a shadow among the masses, until the moment when the Scout blade severs their spine.
It was her ruthless, iron-clad sense of integrity that earned Rhadamanthus a seat as one of the Three Judges of All Hells, but she was supplanted and imprisoned by Abaddon and the other two judges, Minos and Aeacus, when they became suspicious that Rhadamanthus was more concerned with feeding her pet daemons the flesh and souls of the damned than dispensing proper underworld justice. When Calamity brought about the Third Corruption and unleashed the vengeful Rhadamanthus from her torturous vault, the former judge began stalking Newerth, fixated on the opportunity to exact a final ruling upon those who betrayed her.

POGs[edit | edit source]

These high-definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Improved resource unloading.
  • Certain pick screen visuals have been fixed to match other game modes.
  • Compatized replays will now play properly.
  • Mega Creeps will no longer instantly gain maximum movespeed.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Accursed.jpg Accursed

Deadlift.jpg Deadlift

  • Deadlift Resurrection.jpg Resurrection no longer continues to channel if the skill was used on a target position more than 250 units away from the Gravestone, even after the targeted Gravestone dies.
    • As a result, the Gravestone's hero will no longer revive that hero at the bottom-left corner of the map.
  • No longer resurrects the target hero and moves to the bottom-left corner of the map if the targeted hero accepts the Resurrection prompt after the channel ends.

Empath.jpg Empath

  • Empath no longer leaves behind a green wispy shadow when she dies while having a Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master in her inventory.

Engineer.jpg Engineer

  • Soaker Rosie.jpg Soaker Rosie's in-game 3D portrait visuals have been fixed.

Fayde.jpg Fayde

  • Fayde Cull.jpg Mana burn pop-up now shows the proper value.
  • Fayde Reflection.jpg Reflection no longer plays an animation when used.

Martyr.jpg Martyr

  • Damage stored by Martyr Guardian Angel.jpg Guardian Angel is now displayed as charges on the buff as a percentage of the target's maximum health.
    • Charges are capped at 100, even though the actual damage can go above that.

Midas.jpg Midas

  • Sterling Midas.jpg Sterling Midas Midas Elemental Warp.jpg Elemental Warp sounds will no longer be excessively loud if it hits a large number of enemy units.
    • Applies to both the first affector spawned & the second affector spawned.

Nitro.jpg Nitro

Parallax.jpg Parallax

  • Parallax Earthshatter.jpg Planet Cracker (ultimate boosted by Staff of the Master) now properly has the 1-second cooldown before Parallax can toggle the skill off.

Tarot.jpg Tarot

  • Tarot Ricochet.jpg Ricochet properly continues bouncing if it finds a valid bounce target when the original target disjoints the first hit of Ricochet.

Undocumented Changes[edit | edit source]