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Design[edit | edit source]

Negative Effect Popup Text Option

  • When this option is enabled, negative effects applied to your hero will display a popup showing what has debuffed you and for how long.

Community[edit | edit source]

Player Appreciation[edit | edit source]

Continuing with our Player Appreciation here are the new set effects that will be going into this patch. Remember, since we are changing/adding effects to some of our older sets, all of the avatars associated with the changed sets will become available for a short period of time (yes, even Golds, EAs, and Debuts).

The War Effort and Ranked MMR Ladder[edit | edit source]

  • Cycle 11 will finish on December 15th and rewards will be handed out by December 18th.
    • Cycle 12 starts on December 15th and will last until January 12th.
    • The top 25 players on the RANKED MMR Ladder on December 15th will be rewarded with the Trophy Avatar of this cycle.

Community Event Team[edit | edit source]

  • Here to bring you HoN-related events with huge prizes!
  • Parallax.jpg Parallax was in dire need of flavor tooltips. The following submissions have won, and the players who submitted them get a Parallax avatar of their choice!
    • Parallax Fulcrum Shift.jpg Fulcrum Shift [Q]: You don't expect me to carry it forever, do you? (Submitted by Kel_Ebek)
    • Parallax Ionic Dash.jpg Ionic Dash [W]: Easy come, easy go! (Submitted by ElVasilisk)
    • Parallax Dark Mana.jpg Dark Mana [E]: Your mana loves me more! (Submitted by HiKnote)
    • Parallax Earthshatter.jpg Earthshatter [R]: Looks like CERN experiments went wrong! (Submitted by Pirulo)

HoN Tour Season 4[edit | edit source]

  • The fourth edition of the official competitive circuit for Heroes of Newerth continues! With a multi-divisional format, there are opportunities for both amateurs and professionals in HoN Tour. Grab your friends and head over to for more information.
    • Big congratulations to Cycle 4 Diamond Division Champions, Evil Corporation.

Community Funding | The Paragons[edit | edit source]

  • Show your support for HTS4 and get your Paragon avatars from Plinko today! 25% of all proceeds collected will go directly to competitive HoN eSports!
    • Lapis Lazuli Paragon Witch Slayer will be entering Plinko on December 2nd.
    • Zircon Paragon Glacius will become available to purchase in Merrick's shop on December 2nd.

Gold Chest Swap Out: A.R.M.S. Avatars[edit | edit source]

  • With the A.R.M.S. avatar receiving an epic set effect, Merrick is giving you the chance to complete your collection by replacing the contents in the Gold Chest in Plinko with all 10 original A.R.M.S. avatars (Pestilence will not be included but is still available for free if you own the other 10.)
    • The Gold Chest contents will be swapped out from December 1st to December 15th.

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

We have had many suggestions for a mode that would allow players to counter hero picks by alternating hero selection between teams, rather than everyone picking at the same time (All Pick). We are putting Counter Pick in for a short time to see how you enjoy it compared to the current All Pick method. Please leave feedback on our forums and let us know if this is something you would want on a regular basis.
  • This mode will replace All Pick from 12/1/15 to 12/8/15.
  • Single Draft
  • Balanced Random

New Content[edit | edit source]

The Paragons[edit | edit source]

The Paragons are a faction of ancient, elemental guardians from the isolated Isle of Argentia. They embody the wisdom, emotion, and power of the earth, and the flesh of each Paragon has been overtaken by veins of crystals that hold a strong connection to the planet. They have refused to enter the wars among Man, Beast, and Daemon for fear that if captured, their bodies could be used as conduits to feed death and corruption directly into the earth.
But with King Jeraziah driven to the brink of his faith and needing someone to counter the self-righteous destruction of the URSA Corps, he summons The Paragons, knowing that once they see the state of Newerth they will be forced to join the fight against the Hellbourne as well.
Paragon Upgrades
  • Each Paragon avatar can be upgraded up to 5 times by acquiring upgrades.
  • Upgrades will become available in the Paragon Chest in Plinko after you own the respective Paragon Avatar.
The ancient Lapis Lazuli Paragon is the embodiment of higher intellect and honed mental abilities, and he has devoted these skills to unearthing the true essence of every man, beast, daemon, and spirit he encounters. None can sustain a veil of lies or dishonesty when judged by his crystals, and if they are revealed as a threat to his home or fellow Paragons the sentence is swift and without pity.
Lapis Lazuli Paragon Witch Slayer Upgrades:
  • Witch Slayer Graveyard.jpg Graveyard Upgrade
    • Base:
      • Crystalline tombstones and crosses erupt from the ground with bursts of light.
      • Large mystical circles appear shortly afterward.
    • Upgrade:
      • Crystalline tombstones and crosses erupt from the ground with bursts of light and large shards of crystal.
      • Large mystical circles appear shortly afterward with blue electric energy pulsing in them.
  • Witch Slayer Miniaturization.jpg Miniaturization Upgrade
    • Base:
      • A magical glyph appears underneath the target and they shrink with afterimages of the target.
      • Blue light rays appear beneath them and the glyph stays visible while they are affected.
    • Upgrade:
      • Similar to base, but encircling shards of crystal close in on the target as they shrink and electrical energy and small crystal shards appear underneath while they are shrunken.
  • Witch Slayer Power Drain.jpg Power Drain Upgrade
    • Base:
      • Two magical glyphs appear in front of each participant in the ability.
      • They move to follow and look at each other.
      • Blue wisps of energy escape from the target's glyph and flow into Witch Slayer's glyph.
      • They are followed by mystical energy and sparkles.
    • Upgrade:
      • Similar as base, except the glyphs become electrified with energy and the wisps that escape are pulsating with energy as well.
      • Small shards of crystal escape the target's magical glyph along with the wisps of energy.
  • Witch Slayer Silver Bullet.jpg Silver Bullet Upgrade:
    • Base:
      • A magical glyph appears in front of Witch Slayer's gun and a blue explosion fires from the center.
      • The trail of the bullet leaves behind blue magic circles on its way to the target.
      • On impact, a large circle expands from the target along with a shock wave and blood.
    • Upgrade:
      • An electrified magical glyph appears in front of the gun and crystal shards spew forth.
      • The bullet is electrified and leaves behind a blue lightning trail and magic circles.
      • On impact, the target has a magic circle expand from their body and electricity crackles and slowly fades away.
  • Carnage Counter Upgrade
    • Dazzle all of Newerth with a running display of your all-time kills and assists with your Paragon avatars!

The War Effort[edit | edit source]

  • New War Effort Trophy Avatar: Trophy Parasite.jpg Parasite
The only way to get this rare, auspicious avatar is to be ranked among The War Effort's top 50 at the end of each 28-day cycle, so keep checking that leaderboard and completing those quests! Even the staff can't get the Trophy avatars!

Winter Holidays[edit | edit source]

New Holiday Kane.jpg Kane Avatar: Candy Kane.jpg Candy Kane

Candy Kane wants everyone to celebrate the holidays as awesomely as he does, but he sometimes has a hard time controlling his enthusiasm and overwhelming strength of spirit. If he sees you bringing any bah humbug attitude to the party, he’ll pull you aside for a little one-on-one time so you can really appreciate how great candy canes are, especially when they aren't bashing your head in.

New Holiday Andromeda.jpg Andromeda Avatar: Christmas Lights Andromeda.jpg Christmas Lights Andromeda

It’s time to decorate Newerth in lots of bright pretty lights and Andromeda has taken to the tradition like a Pyromancer to fire... almost. Turns out she isn’t very good at untangling the Christmas lights, so be on the lookout for flying comets of pent-up holiday cheer. If you’ve got a plate of cookies and the patience to help her out, she’ll happily trade places with you and maybe even make you one of her Christmas sweaters. They’re very...festive.

New Holiday Riptide.jpg Riptide Avatar: Yuletide.jpg Yuletide

The northern pagan tribes of the Frost Fields still celebrate Yuletide despite disapproval from Arasunia and the Church of Sol, but it’s easy for those Martyrs and Sisters of Sol to dismiss the winter holiday from afar. When the ancient Yuletide creature emerges from the frozen waters looking to share holiday cheer, it is best to have your home strung with holly, ivy, and boughs of evergreen and a handmade gift ready for exchange. This is because Yuletide has a much darker, more dangerous side—the reason his worshipers and holiday have survived while others have not.

New Holiday Rhapsody.jpg Rhapsody Avatar: Christmas Carol.jpg Christmas Carol

Carry the holiday hymns and melodies throughout the lanes with Christmas Carol, who protects her fellow carolers as gracefully and tenaciously as her priceless vocal cords. Caroling etiquette is strictly enforced, so know the lyrics, stick together in the jungle, and if you enjoyed the song, show some harping appreciation!

New Holiday Amun-Ra.jpg Amun-Ra Avatar: Bask in My Presents Ra.jpg Bask in My Presents Ra

Every year around the holidays the giving spirit is ignited within Amun-Ra and he is reborn from an abomination of all that is light and holy into a delightful example of generosity and giving. Delightful, that is, as long as you accept his gifts with an appreciative smile no matter what’s inside. And don’t bother asking for a gift receipt. Ra burned them all.

POGs[edit | edit source]

These high-definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Clarification in the courier tooltips: Courier is visible only if the enemy sees your main hero.
  • Items will no longer be deleted if you have part of two recipe items' components in the stash and in your inventory and attempt to auto-combine them both in specific scenarios.
  • Report-A-Player report submission form no longer has a "Dismiss Report" button
  • Report-A-Player report submission form's "Don't Submit" button moved to the left side of the window and renamed to "Cancel" to reduce confusion and mis-clicks
  • Starting Heroes of Newerth no longer makes an annoying pop sound on windows 10.

Post Haste.jpg Post Haste

  • Valid teleport target search radius increased from 500 to Global.
    • You no longer have to click within 500 radius of a unit to teleport to it and will teleport to the closest target to your search position.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Blitz.jpg Blitz

Deadwood.jpg Deadwood

  • Toadwood Deadstool.jpg Toadwood Deadstool now properly displays the Rulian Marsh mushroom trail when he walks when Uproot is active if the user owns the full Rulian Marsh avatar set.

Forsaken Archer.jpg Forsaken Archer

  • Medium and Low graphic settings have been fixed.

Legionnaire.jpg Legionnaire

Martyr.jpg Martyr

Nitro.jpg Nitro

  • Fixed a mana syncing issue between Nitro and Mauser.jpg Mauser.

Revenant.jpg Revenant

  • Revenant Essence Shroud.jpg Essence Shroud will properly break stealth when the unit attacks a building or gadget.
  • Revenant Essence Shroud.jpg Essence Shroud will properly break stealth when the unit's attack action time is reached, rather than when their autoattack projectile impacts the target (for ranged units).
    • Units without an autoattack projectile are unaffected.

Swiftblade.jpg Swiftblade

Torturer.jpg Torturer

  • Torturer Torment.jpg Torment now deals damage and shows its visual effects even when Torturer is stealthed.
    • Toggling the skill on while stealthed will break stealth, but toggling the skill off while stealthed will not break stealth.

The following hero portraits now display correctly: