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Version 3.8.1

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Design[edit | edit source]

Cast Materials Persisting

  • When Cast Range Indicators are enabled, cast materials will persist on the target area until your character can begin their cast.

Community[edit | edit source]

Player Appreciation[edit | edit source]

  • Continuing with our Player Appreciation here are the new set effects that will be going into this patch. Remember, since we are changing/adding effects to some of our older sets, all of the avatars associated with the changed sets will become available for a short period of time (yes, even Golds, EAs, and Debuts).
  • Hotshot Heroes Set Effects
    • Added effect: If you own the entire Hotshot Heroes set, you can claim the exclusive Hotshot Heroes ward!
    • Avatars in set:
  • Blaze.jpg Blaze Pyromancer
  • Mr. Marvelous.jpg Mr. Marvelous Gauntlet
  • Rocky.jpg Rocky Pebbles
  • The Vanishing Woman.jpg The Vanishing Woman Scout

The War Effort and Ranked MMR Ladder[edit | edit source]

  • Cycle 12 will finish on January 12th and rewards will be distributed by January 15th.
  • Cycle 13 starts on January 12th and will last until February 9th.
  • The top 25 players on the RANKED MMR Ladder on January 12th will be rewarded with the Trophy Avatar of this cycle.

HoN Tour Season 4[edit | edit source]

  • The fourth edition of the official competitive circuit for Heroes of Newerth continues! With a multi-divisional format, there are opportunities for both amateurs and professionals in HoN Tour. Grab your friends and head over to for more information.

Community Funding | The Paragons[edit | edit source]

  • Show your support for HTS4 and get your Paragon avatars from Plinko today! 25% of all proceeds collected will go directly to competitive HoN eSports!

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

New Content[edit | edit source]

The Paragons[edit | edit source]

The Paragons are a faction of ancient, elemental guardians from the isolated Isle of Argentia. They embody the wisdom, emotion, and power of the earth, and the flesh of each Paragon has been overtaken by veins of crystals that hold a strong connection to the planet. They have refused to enter the wars among Man, Beast, and Daemon for fear that if captured, their bodies could be used as conduits to feed death and corruption directly into the earth.
But with King Jeraziah driven to the brink of his faith and needing someone to counter the self-righteous destruction of the URSA Corps, he summons The Paragons, knowing that once they see the state of Newerth they will be forced to join the fight against the Hellbourne as well.
  • Paragon Upgrades
    • Each Paragon avatar can be upgraded up to 5 times by acquiring upgrades.
    • Upgrades will become available in the Paragon Chest in Plinko after you own the respective Paragon Avatar.
The embodiment of courage and physical power, Carnelian Paragon wields the molten and solid crystals of his namesake to bludgeon and blockade the corruption that seeks to infect all of Newerth. He may not be as subtle as the other Paragons, but in those times when a man, beast or daemon simply needs a good thumping for the betterment of all, Carnelian Paragon is an excellent ally to have around.
Carnelian Paragon Behemoth Upgrades
  • Behemoth Fissure.jpg Fissure
    • Base:
      • The fissure sparks and smokes with an orange glow.
    • Upgrade:
      • Giant red and glowing carnelian crystals are added to the fissure.
  • Behemoth Enrage.jpg Enrage
    • Base:
      • A plume of smoke and cracks spread out from Carnelian Behemoth.
    • Upgrade:
      • Glowing carnelian crystals are added to the ground around Carnelian Behemoth.
  • Behemoth Heavyweight.jpg Heavyweight
    • Base:
      • A ring of energy spreads out from Carnelian Behemoth whenever spells are cast.
    • Upgrade:
      • Glowing carnelian crystals and crystal dust explode from Carnelian Behemoth.
  • Behemoth Shockwave.jpg Shockwave
    • Base:
      • Carnelian Behemoth creates a massive crater with flames, sparks and smoke.
    • Upgrade:
      • Glowing carnelian crystals explode from the impact and are added to the crater.

URSA Corps[edit | edit source]

Uschi hails from the steep slopes and deep valleys above the City of Iron, where honor is more important than life and swords are considered family members. Uschi proved countless times she was the fiercest warrior among her siblings, but tradition dictated that her brothers would be the only children who could compete to carry their father's sword. When the Legion magistrates rode into their village and threw a celebration for the annual Harvest Festival – a thinly veiled kidnapping of all females of childbearing age to ensure the worshipers of Sol did not die out – Uschi could take no more. She stole her father's blade from above the hearth and fled to join the URSA Corps, the legendary elite unit of female warriors who have shirked all allegiance to kings, queens, causes, and customs, choosing instead to fight for justice and defense of the innocents.
Ravus is a brilliant engineer with a penchant for long-range weaponry and massive explosions. Her love of utter destruction and disregard for petty politics has found her at odds with Jeraziah, his ilk and those damn holier-than-thou Paragon freaks, though the distrust and resentment between them is mutual. Like the rest of the URSA Corps her focus is on wiping the Hellbourne off the map for the sake of the innocent caught in the middle of this mess. Only then will the other enemies of justice get her full attention, and arsenal.

Steamworks[edit | edit source]

Thought to be just one of many failed attempts by Tork to merge the masterfully forged steel of the Iron City and the advanced intelligence found within Gundromeda, this creation sat forgotten and gathering dust. Beneath the shell, however, a small spark of sentience grew quietly over time until it ignited a raging fire inside, thus the Steam Mage was born and ready to fight fire with fire.
Tork requested the warrior known only as ‘Flux’ come to the City of Iron so he could discover how he is able to control gravity so freely. Flux, having a great respect for Tork, agreed and after months of tireless work they were able to harness a semblance of control over gravity in the form of grav-orbs, small spheres with the power to push or pull like Flux. Using these orbs to clean up wreckage from a recent battle, Tork had a stroke of genius. He quickly reprogrammed the orbs and before long created a towering giant made from the rubble of war, a Siege Golem with the sole purpose of raining chaos upon Hellbourne fortifications
With every soldier able to walk and hold a weapon called to the front lines to fight the Hellbourne, the rear echelons quickly found themselves alone and vulnerable. Never known for idle hands, the City of Iron Engineers quickly set about solving this perilous situation by cobbling together what armor scraps and weapons they could find into steam-powered Knight sentries that not only stand ready to repel any daemons who venture close, but have also cut the drunken nuisance rate to zero.

Hell's Keep[edit | edit source]

When the first wave of daemons swarmed out of the Scar, most could not resist the quick, easy blood of the assembled Legion and Beast Horde armies. These naive creatures saw a quick victory and rapid domination over all of Newerth. The more sophisticated daemons, like the Black Widow of Hell’s Keep, knew the Second Corruption would be an epic war unlike any before, and they prepared for it. The Black Widow turned away from the gruesome battle and entered the nearby city of Hope’s Keep, where she found a vast supply of huddling residents who would serve as excellent hosts for her spiderlings. Her webs and egg sacs took over the cavernous Cathedral of Hope, turning it into a rustling tomb of moaning, helpless victims who are devoured from the inside out as the spiderlings grow big and strong for the battlefield.

A.R.M.S.[edit | edit source]

The Invader Advanced Robotic Mobile Suits (or A.R.M.S.) have been hastily constructed in the Electrician's Laboratory in response to the Legion's discovery of the Savior battlesuits, and a select few Hellbourne combatants have been drafted into testing them against live fire or used as inspiration for autonomous versions of themselves.
After seeing the destruction Gauntlet brought to the battlefield there was no doubt that creating an augmented version of the hulking ogre would bring twice or even thrice the damage. With its giant hand capable of grappling and crushing a soldier in heavy armor into a bloody mass without so much as a hint of resistance, Electrician knew this was the pinnacle of his work. As he unleashed his creation into the fray, he reveled in the brief, terrified cries of the Legion soldiers before they were snuffed out with a wet crunch.

Hotshot Heroes[edit | edit source]

Show the world this is Hotshot territory with this shining beacon of heroism!

POGs[edit | edit source]

These high-definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

Armadon.jpg Armadon

  • Armadon Spine Burst.jpg Spine Burst visuals now match the actual radius of the skill.

Artesia.jpg Artesia

  • Artesia Arcane Missile.jpg Arcane Missile will now properly home in on ally heroes who are stealthed.

Demented Shaman.jpg Demented Shaman

  • POG Demented Shaman's model size is now the same as the default avatar's model size in the avatar selection window.

Deadlift.jpg Deadlift

  • Deadlift Onslaught.jpg Onslaught no longer forces ElitePets to attack Onslaught's main target.

Ellonia.jpg Ellonia

Empath.jpg Empath

  • Lust.jpg Lust Empath's attack sounds and ability cast sounds now play properly when Empath As One.jpg As One is leveled and/or upgraded.

Gauntlet.jpg Gauntlet

Legionnaire.jpg Legionnaire

King Klout.jpg King Klout

Moira.jpg Moira

  • The real Moira now loses the appropriate amount of mana when the mimic from Moira Ephemeral Forge.jpg Ephemeral Forge casts a spell.
    • Fix also applies for Blitz Mode.
  • Using items on the Moira Ephemeral Forge.jpg Ephemeral Forge mimic now subtracts the appropriate amount of mana from the real Moira.

Moraxus.jpg Moraxus

Nitro.jpg Nitro

Nymphora.jpg Nymphora

  • Beelzebub.jpg Beelzebub Nymphora no longer displays white textures for Mac or Linux operating systems.

Oogie.jpg Oogie

Pollywog Priest.jpg Pollywog Priest

Puppet Master.jpg Puppet Master

  • Puppet Master Voodoo Puppet.jpg Voodoo Puppet no longer deals DoT damage to the target if Voodoo Puppet takes non-DoT damage.
    • This means that spells like Succubus.jpg Succubus' Succubus Mesmerize.jpg Mesmerize will no longer block non-DoT damage taken from Voodoo Puppet.

Rally.jpg Rally

Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith

  • Sand Wraith Mirage.jpg Mirage's disarmed state icon is no longer visible on illusions when they cannot attack (1 second after the skill activation).

Skrap.jpg Skrap

  • Skrap Scavenge.jpg Scavenge now has a 1-second cooldown after you toggle it off.
    • This prevents spamming the skill to get a heal rate higher than what is intended.

Witch Slayer.jpg Witch Slayer

  • Pimp Slayer.jpg Pimp Slayer's Graveyard, Power Drain and Silver Bullet have received visually enhanced effects!
  • Witch Slayer Graveyard.jpg Graveyard's gravestones were replaced with golden dollar signs and a pimp cane in the middle.
  • Witch Slayer Power Drain.jpg Power Drain has some gold coins trailing from the beam.
  • Witch Slayer Silver Bullet.jpg Silver Bullet's projectile trail is gold instead of blue.
    • Credit to firemanash for his contributions!