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Design[edit | edit source]

HoN Codex: The Ascension[edit | edit source]

Team Subscriptions
  • This new feature will allow you to subscribe to up to three of your favorite teams!
  • When teams you're subscribed to start matches, you'll receive notifications in-game.
Global Progress Goals
  • When the cumulative opened treasure boxes of the global playerbase reach certain milestones, progress goals will be unlocked.
  • Please see the Codex for details!
Silver Betting
  • Added: HoN's notification system will send messages to players when matches they've wagered on begin.
  • Match Briefing
    • Match Briefing gives players a comprehensive overview of LIVE match stats via a Forests of Caldavar minimap. The minimap will show hero locations, building stats, and game logs.
  • Improved watching experience.
    • Battle log and announcer UI now displayed.
    • Follow the camera movements and mouse action of players or casters.
    • Added UI prompt to indicate the current match is over.
    • Added UI prompt to indicate you will be disconnected from spectating the current match if you switch to spectating another match.

General[edit | edit source]

  • New Picking Mode: Counter Pick (Forests of Caldavar)
Counter Pick is a picking mode that will allow both teams to have a chance to react to their opposing team's hero picks and adapt accordingly. The primary intention of introducing this game mode is to promote hero pick diversity and expand the viable number of metas, while simultaneously making each Matchmaking game a more unique experience.
  • Once the teams enter the Hero Pick screen, Legion or Hellbourne are randomly chosen as the team with the first pick.
  • The teams then pick in a 1-2-2-2-2-1 fashion.
    • Example: If Legion receives the first pick, then the Legion team picks 1 hero. The Hellbourne team then picks 2 heroes, with the Legion team picking 2 more heroes after that. This hero pick sequence continues until the last player on Hellbourne picks their hero.
  • Each picking phase lasts up to 20 seconds. If a pick occurs before the timer for that picking phase expires, the remaining time is consumed and the next picking phase occurs.
  • Each team also receives 60 seconds of extra time. Time is subtracted from your extra time when the normal countdown has reached 0. If the extra time reaches 0, a random choice is made.
  • Once the last player has picked a hero, both teams have 15 seconds to swap heroes with players from their respective teams before the game begins.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Armadon.jpg Armadon
  • Armadon Snot Storm.jpg Snot Storm
    • Max stacks lowered from {5 to 4}.
  • Armadon Spine Burst.jpg Spine Burst
    • Radius decreased from {650 to 625}.
  • Armadon Restless.jpg Restless
    • Damage bonus on Spine Burst lowered from {5/10/15} to {4/8/12}.
Artesia.jpg Artesia
  • Agility gain reduced from {2.0 to 1.5}.
  • Base Agility reduced from {18 to 15}.
  • Base Intelligence reduced from {26 to 25}.
  • Movement speed reduced from {300 to 295}.
  • Artesia Dance of Death.jpg Dance of Death
    • Clearvision decreased from {1000 to 800}.
  • Artesia Essence Projection.jpg Essence Projection
    • Clearvision decreased from {1000 to 800}.
    • Cooldown increased from {60 seconds to 70 seconds}.
Behemoth.jpg Behemoth
  • Behemoth Heavyweight.jpg Heavyweight
    • Magic Damage decreased from {25/55/85/115} to {25/50/75/100}.
  • Behemoth Shockwave.jpg Shockwave
    • Superior Magic Damage from the main shock wave decreased from {100/130/160 to {100/120/140}.
    • Magic Damage from the extra shock waves decreased from {35/45/55} to {30/40/50}.
    • Magic Damage from shock waves spawned from heroes decreased from {50/65/80} to {45/60/75}.
Bramble.jpg Bramble
Defiler.jpg Defiler
  • Defiler Unholy Expulsion.jpg Unholy Expulsion
    • If Defiler is Stunned, the spirits will deal 75% of their Attack Damage.
    • Damage penalty on the spirits when activating the Staff of the Master effect increased from {20% to 25%}.
Devourer.jpg Devourer
  • Devourer Guttling Hook.jpg Guttling Hook
    • Cast time decreased from {1400ms to 600ms}.
      • Cast action time remains unchanged.
  • Devourer Devour.jpg Devour
    • Cast action time and cast time reduced from {300ms to 250ms}.
Monarch.jpg Monarch
Cooldown: {14 seconds}
Mana Cost: {100/115/130/145}
Range: {700}
  • Sends a killable Noxious Nightcrawler to the target location with {2000 Movement Speed}.
  • The Noxious Nightcrawler is then consumed and spawns a Noxious Cloud that grows from {250 to 550 radius over 6 seconds}.
  • Enemies within the Noxious Cloud take {15/30/45/60} Magic Damage per second and {25/30/35/40}% Movement Speed Slow. Noxious Cloud provides Clearvision in a {400 radius}.
    • Using this skill puts Noxious Nightcrawler on cooldown for the duration of this skill's cooldown.
Cooldown: {70 seconds}
Mana Cost: {70}
Range: {1500}
  • Sends a killable Noxious Nightcrawler to the target location with {400} Movement Speed that will spawn a ward for you for {6 minutes}. Max of {1/2/3/4} wards.
  • If the ward dies or is within {250} radius of an enemy, a Noxious Cloud is spawned and consumes the Noxious Nightcrawler in the process.
    • The Noxious Nightcrawler will not spawn a Noxious Cloud if it dies while travelling.
    • Using this skill puts Noxious Cloud on cooldown for {14 seconds}.
Pharaoh.jpg Pharaoh
  • Pharaoh Hellfire.jpg Hellfire
    • Radius lowered from {300 to 275}.

Items[edit | edit source]

New Controllable Flying Courier.jpg Flying Courier
  • Gold Cost: 250
  • Limit of 1 per player.
  • Upon usage, a controllable Flying Courier is spawned.
    • Flying Couriers have a Sight radius of {300 units}.
    • Note that the current Automated Courier functionality is not affected by this change.
  • Dust of Revelation.jpg Dust of Revelation and Homecoming Stone.jpg Homecoming Stone can now be picked up by enemy units when the Flying Courier dies.

Community[edit | edit source]

Ranked MMR Ladder[edit | edit source]

  • The MMR Ladder leaderboard will end on May 10th and rewards will be given out by May 13th.
    • The reward will be the Champion of Newerth name color.

6th HoNiversary[edit | edit source]

  • On May 12th HoN celebrates our 6th anniversary! Check the forums for information about this year's HoNiversary Celebrations!

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

New Content[edit | edit source]

HoN Codex: The Ascension[edit | edit source]

The Ascension has arrived! The benevolent alien entities known as Epicenters have followed Parallax and the Artificers across the galaxies, trying to stop their path of destruction. Newerth is the only planet with soldiers strong enough to offer resistance to the planet-ripping Fulcrums and their insidious dark matter, and the Epicenters have finally caught up to the Artificers. Now that they have, they will augment the warriors of Newerth with the power of light and creation to defeat Parallax and his nefarious kin once and for all.

HoNiversary[edit | edit source]

Sidestepping his way onto the battlefield, Magmus dons his glasses to show the entirety of Newerth that he is one bad-a** motherf*****. Find out how you can earn the swaggiest avatar in the land by visiting the forums during this year's HoNiversary celebrations.

Ophelia's Apex Horde[edit | edit source]

Ophelia’s Apexes are the inner circle of her Beast Horde, the alpha warriors from each species who bring their prides, packs, and herds to fight by her side. They honed their savage combat skills against the Legion of Man during the Human Harvest but now stand beside their former enemies to defeat the Hellbourne threat.

New Ophelia’s Apexes Set Effect + If you own the entire Apex avatar set, each avatar gains a ring of human bones tied together with wild vines!

New Ultimate Myrmidon.jpg Myrmidon Avatar: ALPHA Myrmidon.jpg Apex Myrmidon

Hailing from The Boiling Sea – named not for its temperature, but for the constant feeding frenzies that give it the appearance of a rolling boil – the Myrmidons were thought to be mysterious creatures of the deep until their true daemonic nature was revealed. One of the sharkmen, however, knew a Hellbourne victory would lead to a true boiling of all water on Newerth, and water is life for the Myrmidons. He tried to rally his brethren to submit to Legion mercy and swear allegiance against the daemons, and he barely escaped with his life when his cohorts tried to tear him to pieces.
He knelt before Ophelia, seeking her forgiveness and acceptance. In return she forged him into the most powerful Myrmidon who has ever existed, the only warrior among the Legion who can seek and destroy the daemons of the deep where they live.
Ultimate Myrmidon Level Enhancements
  • Level 1-5: Apex Myrmidon features sparse silver armor and a spear.
  • Level 6-10: Apex Myrmidon features upgraded gold-trimmed armor and a trident. His Forced Evolution form features upgraded armor and a swordfish skull sword.
  • Level 11-25: Apex Myrmidon features his ultimate armor and trident weapon. His Forced Evolution form features ultimate armor and an armored and spiked swordfish skull sword.
Ultimate Myrmidon Item Enhancements
  • Marchers.jpg Boots: Sharks splash out of the ground and jump through the air to splash back into the ground.
  • Grave Locket.jpg Grave Locket: The horned skull representation of Grave Locket appears on Apex Myrmidon's head with green glowing eyes.
  • Tablet of Command.jpg Tablet of Command: The runes from the Tablet of Command encircle and spin around Apex Myrmidon.
  • Blood Chalice.jpg Blood Chalice: Bloody water churns beneath Apex Myrmidon, replacing his normal water effects.
  • Shrunken Head.jpg Shrunken Head: Glowing blue skeletal fish circle around the weapon of Apex Myrmidon.
  • Jade Spire.jpg Jade Spire: Pulses of electricity move along the shaft of Apex Myrmidon's weapon.
  • Merrick's Bounty.jpg Merrick's Bounty: Gold coins spill out from beneath Apex Myrmidon. (Not enabled during Forced Evolution.)
  • Astrolabe.jpg Astrolabe: A 3D model representing Astrolabe appears on the base of Apex Myrmidon's weapon.
  • Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master: The tip of Apex Myrmidon's blade glows and emits blue flame. Apex Myrmidon's bracers glow with magic energy and his eyes burn with blue fire.
Most of the Hunters betrayed their bestial brothers and sisters when the Scar opened, but the highest among them, Apex Blood Hunter, stayed true to his queen and fellow Apexes. Even though the rancid taste of daemon blood offers no sustenance, he vows to feast upon it until Newerth is rid of the Hellbourne menace.
In even the most chaotic, bloody battles between Man and Beast, the Apex Thunderbringer remained calm and focused on protecting his queen and wielding his devastating elemental magic against the warmongering Legion. The only time Ophelia witnessed this Apex lose his temper was when he learned the Hellbourne had corrupted even the pure energy of lightning, and his mission to remove their tainted hands from the ultimate force of nature has left a wide swath of dead daemons across Newerth.

General[edit | edit source]

The winter months can be long, dark and cold, but Spring Break Solstice has been making the best of them in the backcountry of the Sang-La Mountains working on her freestyle dashes and slashes. Now that the first signs of spring are here, she's swapping her snowboard for a boogie board and hitting the Inner Sea for some sun, fun, and crazy night life!
The Mt. Olympus-crafted armor and weapons may have been sufficient to defeat the terrible Chimera and battle the fierce Amazons, but the brave and loyal warriors Pegasus and Bellerophon have realized that when facing the insidious corruption of the Hellbourne, a more brutal kit is required. They now take the battlefield with heavier plate and mail and a spear sharpened by the shattered stones of a Sacrificial Shrine!

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

Codex[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed several exception handling issues that resulted in the shoutcaster voice channel stopping after a disconnect.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Bramble.jpg Bramble
  • Bramble Corrosive Pods.jpg Corrosive Pods' damage type changed from Physical to Physical DoT.
  • Fixed Corrosive Pods to not apply to the target if it died on the same frame as when the pod was delivered.
  • Bramble Rejuvenating Growth.jpg Rejuvenating Growth no longer blocks Neutral Spawns.
  • Corrosive Pods no longer linger on ally heroes if Bramble is terminated.
  • Corrosive Pods now has a radius indicator when casting the skill to represent the Pods' attack range.
CirceHero.jpg Circe
  • If Circe Twisted Visage.jpg Twisted Visage is used on an enemy while Skrap.jpg Skrap and Vorax.jpg Vorax are present on the map, the Skrap Unleash Vorax.jpg Unleash Vorax skill on Circe's mimic will no longer be disabled.
  • Fixed Bramble's Bramble Corrosive Pods.jpg Corrosive Pods interaction with Circe's Twisted Visage mimic so she does not receive extra pods if the hero she gave them to still has the pods.
  • Fixed Bramble's Corrosive Pods interaction with Circe's Twisted Visage mimic so that Corrosive Pods on other ally heroes are properly removed if Circe's mimic dies.
Deadlift.jpg Deadlift
  • If Deadlift is stealthed, creeps spawned or revived from Deadlift Soul Syphon.jpg The Dead Shall Rise are now stealthed & will not attack or aggro onto nearby enemy units.
Draconis.jpg Draconis
  • Now gains invulnerability during the initial flight to an ally building (via Draconis Draconic Defense.jpg Draconic Defense) or to his Volcano (via Draconis Cataclysm.jpg Cataclysm).
  • Melee attackers can now hit Draconis if he is above the Hellbourne's Sacrificial Shrine.
Pebbles.jpg Pebbles
Shadowblade.jpg Shadowblade
  • Visual forms on all of Shadowblade's avatars now display the correct model corresponding to Shadowblade's current avatar.
Shellshock.jpg Shellshock
Silhouette.jpg Silhouette
  • Fixed the Silhouette Tree Grapple.jpg Tree Grapple rope so it is properly visible to enemies when you have vision of Silhouette.
Slither.jpg Slither
  • Removed outdated information from Slither Toxin Ward.jpg Toxin Ward's tooltip.
    • The skill does not have a 3/6/9/12 Toxin Ward cap.
Solstice.jpg Solstice
  • Solstice Blinding Rush.jpg Blinding Rush's (daytime) tree-killing affector no longer lingers indefinitely on Solstice until death under extremely rare circumstances.
Tarot.jpg Tarot
  • Rift Hunter Tarot.jpg Hunter Tarot now respawns with her visual trail effect if the player owns the Rift Hunter Second Wave avatar set.
  • Death Dealer.jpg Death Dealer Tarot now respawns with her visual skeleton pet if the player owns the Blackwal avatar set.
Zephyr.jpg Zephyr
  • Zephyr Cyclones.jpg Cyclones no longer play a visual effect when they expire.
    • Prevents enemy heroes from knowing Zephyr's location if a cyclone expires while Zephyr is stealthed.

Items[edit | edit source]

Ward of Revelation.jpg Ward of Revelation & Ward of Sight.jpg Ward of Sight
  • Lookout Ward's robotic head is now visually placed in the proper location if stacked on top of one another.