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Design[edit | edit source]

Hero Mastery System[edit | edit source]

  • The Hero Mastery System: Phase Two has been added to Heroes of Newerth.
  • Players will now be able to level up each hero to level 10.
    • Optimized Mastery experience gained per match to greatly increase the rate of progression.
    • For each hero with a Mastery Level of 3, there will be 15 Mastery Boosts added to your account up to a maximum of 100.
      • This is a one-time bonus for players who gained a strong level of mastery during Phase 1.
  • Added more detailed Mastery Information
    • Players can now see Mastery Progress of their heroes in the pick screen by hovering over the hero portrait.
    • New Mastery Tab in Learnatorium that shows average stats per hero for that player.
    • Statistics included are wins, losses, win percentage, kills, deaths, assists, CK, CD, XPM, GPM, APM, Mastery Progression
  • Added more rewards for the additional mastery levels per hero and for universal mastery. See forums for more details.
  • Mastery Boost will boost all experience gained in a match instead of just base experience
    • This stacks with event bonuses and level 10 passive mastery bonus.
  • For each hero with a Mastery Level of 3, there will be 15 Mastery Boosts added to your account up to a maximum of 100.
  • New Taunt Effect at Level 5 Mastery
    • When using Taunt, a silver mastery badge will appear above your heroes with a Mastery Level of 5 or higher.
  • New Teleport Effect at Level 7 Mastery
    • When channeling Homecoming Stone or Post Haste, a new silver effect will play for your heroes with a Mastery Level of 7 or higher.
  • New Gold Upgrade at Level 10 Mastery
    • The Taunt Effect, Teleport Effect, and hero portraits will be upgraded to gold effects for your heroes with a Mastery Level of 10.
    • For each hero that reaches level 10 mastery, the player will gain a permanent 5% bonus to mastery experience, stacking up to 50%.

Community[edit | edit source]

Harvest Fest[edit | edit source]

  • It's’s that time of the year! Harvest Fest is upon us, and to celebrate we'll be offering up loads of in-game tricks and treats.
  • Frighteningly Good Deals
    • 15% Bonus Gold Sale.
  • From October 18 - October 23 @ 12a.m. EDT, get an additional 15% worth of Gold when you purchase any Coin Pack!
  • The Halloween Content Sale
    • From October 18 to October 31, make sure to secure all of your favorite Halloween themed content for 20% off. Please note, this discount does not apply to this year's newly released Halloween content.
  • The Costume Sale
    • To prepare you for your Halloween shenanigans, select non-Halloween themed Avatars will also go on sale every two days from October 18 – October 31. Details about which avatars will be on sale can be found on the Heroes of Newerth forums at a later date.
  • No Tricks - Just Treats
    • Halloween Goodie Bag
  • Log in to Heroes of Newerth once from October 18 – October 31 12a.m. EDT and get a Halloween Grab Bag for free!
  • Bedsheet Devourer
    • Bedsheet Devourer.jpg Bedsheet Devo is back, and creepier than ever, and you can get your hands on him for FREE by playing 15 games of Forests of Caldavar during the month of October.
  • Trickster Prophet
    • During the week of October 18, play 30 games of Forests of Caldavar, and receive the brand new Trickster Prophet Avatar for free!
    • After October 23 @ 12a.m. EDT, those who failed to meet the Forests of Caldavar games played requirement can purchase this Holiday Edition Avatar for 450 Gold Coins or 3500 Silver Coins.

Ranked MMR Ladder[edit | edit source]

  • The previous MMR Ladder leaderboard ends on October 18th and rewards will be given out by October 21st.
    • The reward will be the Champion of Newerth name color.
  • The next MMR Ladder leaderboard ends on November 15th and rewards will be given out by November 18th.
    • The reward will be the Champion of Newerth name color.

Cyber Set[edit | edit source]

  • Owning multiple Cyber Avatars will unlock access to high tech bonuses.
    • Own any 4 Cyber Avatars to receive +25% to Mastery Boost and MM Silver Coins for a limited time.
    • Own any 5 Cyber Avatars to receive +50% to Mastery Boost and MM Silver Coins for a limited time.
    • Own any 6 Cyber Avatars to receive +75% to Mastery Boost and MM Silver Coins for a limited time.
    • Own all 7 Cyber Avatars to receive +100% to Mastery Boost and MM Silver Coins for a limited time.
    • Owning all Cyber Avatars will also unlock the Cyber Name Color as well as the set effect for all of the avatars.
      • These boosts will last until 12/13 so make sure to use them while they last.
      • MM Silver Boost is applied to the following maps: FoC, Mid Wars, CTF, Grimm Hunt, and Grimms Crossing.

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

New Content[edit | edit source]

Cyber Set[edit | edit source]

Corruption cares not what it taints, and even the pure technology of the Ascension is not immune to its destructive powers. Even though Doctor Repulsor understands very little about the interstellar components and power sources, he did not hesitate to begin his tinkering when Hellbourne forces managed to destroy an Epicenter. Repulsor set his mobile workshop upon the still-smoking ruins and scavenged among the debris for anything useful, and he quickly realized that everything fit that description. The structure could be turned into armor, the alien generators could power massive weaponry unseen before on Newerth...and what better warrior to wield this new and deadly power than Death's own maiden, Vanya, The Dark Lady? With her ability to deal swift and lethal attacks upon the Legion ranks, Vanya is the perfect choice to show just how dangerously effective the Ascension technology can be in corrupted hands.
  • High Definition Model Update and New Cyber Set Effects for Fayde.jpg Fayde Avatar: Shadowkiller.jpg Shadowkiller
As King Jeraziah's faith wavers in the face of the old-world Paragon magic and successful anarchy of the URSA Corps, some of the Legion's finest warriors are bowing to a new god: Technology. When Legion raiding parties successfully breached the long-buried archives beneath the ruins of Hope's Keep, they discovered vast chronicles of scientific research from before Man's Fall from Light. The archives included dizzying formulae, pharmaceutical recipes, and detailed schematics for everything from wind-up toys to orbital kinetic weapons. Engineers pored over the salvaged documents and immediately began developing prototypes. Now, while most prayers to Sol, Aurealis, and Lunari go unanswered, when this new breed of warrior, known as the NeoLegion, invokes a response from their bleeding-edge weaponry and armor, they always get a response – usually in the form of a dead enemy. Amen.
Shadowkiller was a member of the raiding party that breached the archives beneath the ruins of the Cathedral of Hope and, at that time, a devoted disciple of the Sacred Order of Arasunia. Her faith was rocked when she saw the destruction man had once wrought through science and technology, and when she first held the laser scythe created by the NeoLegion engineers, she felt, for the first time in her life, tangible power. Not something chanted and prayed about – real power. If it had once been used to nearly destroy the human race, what could it do to the corruption spewing out of the Scar? As one of the NeoLegion, she is determined to answer that question.

Halloween[edit | edit source]

The Trickster King raven elemental that chose Prophet as a material embodiment fooled the warrior into thinking he would fight for the salvation of Newerth, while all along plotting his inevitable downfall and betrayal of the Legion. After years of tormenting his former comrades as Prophet, the Trickster King has shed his mortal cloak and revealed his true form, a cunning, mischievous entity who revels in mass chaos, confusion, and suffering. Happy Halloween, Newerth!
North of the Forests of Caldavar, as the land climbs toward the snow-capped Iron Mountains, lies Fuathmoor. It is a chilled, boggy countryside hidden within a constant veil of mist and shrouded with heavy secrets. Its inhabitants prefer it that way, for speaking of Fuathmoor's mysteries is a good way to bring them knocking at your door on some moonless night. One such story is that of The Green Lady, a noblewoman from Adkarna who visited centuries before Maliken Grimm drew his cursed sword and began to cleave the land apart. She stood upon the damp shores of Fenwater and chose a location for her engineers to begin work on a summer home, never bothering to ask the locals why nothing had already been built on a spot so serene and picturesque. The engineers immediately cleared the area and used the stones they found to build the massive hearth and chimney, the very heart of what would become a grand manor. They sought the noblewoman for her approval, but she could not be found. When they returned the next morning to continue work they found her hanging within the chimney, upside-down, her face contorted in a death rictus of pure terror. Before the Adkarna engineers could recover from their shock, a group of masked locals emerged from the surrounding bog and toppled the chimney and its noble corpse into Fenwater, then disappeared into the shifting fog. The Green Lady has haunted the area since that day. She is a part of the very land she wanted to defile with her presence, and any who wander too close are doomed to join her.
Mae Nak is a ghost from Thai folklore who died during childbirth while her husband was away, and when he returned he did not notice his wife and baby were ghosts. Mae Nak killed any neighbor who tried to warn the man he was living with ghosts. He lived with them until he saw his wife drop a lime, and her ghostly arm stretched to pick it up. He fled that night, and Mae Nak has searched for him ever since, terrorizing those she blames for making him leave.
  • New Halloween Announcer Pack: Haunted House Announcer
Are you brave enough to use the frightful and delightful Halloween Announcer?