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Design[edit | edit source]

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Artillery.jpg Artillery
  • Attack Range lowered from {450 to 400}.
Berzerker.jpg Berzerker
  • Berzerker Chain Spike.jpg Chain Spike
    • Primary activation now restrains the target for the duration.
  • Berzerker Strength Sap.jpg Strength Sap
    • Now has an instant effect instead of an effect that takes place over time (for non-hero units only).
Bubbles.jpg Bubbles
  • Bubbles Kelp Field.jpg Kelp Zone (Kelp Field, boosted by Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master)
    • Tether break Magic Damage increased from {100/150/200 to 200/300/400}.
    • Duration increased from 5 to 7 seconds.
Gauntlet.jpg Gauntlet
  • Gauntlet Enfeeble.jpg Enfeeble
    • Maximum charges increased from {20/25/30/35 to 25/30/35/40}.
Geomancer.jpg Geomancer
Grinex.jpg Grinex
  • Grinex Illusory Assault.jpg Illusory Assault
    • Shadow’s attack action time and attack duration decreased from {900ms to 300ms}.
    • Shadow’s lifetime increased from {4/5/6 seconds to 5/6/7 seconds}.
    • Shadow’s attacks now pierce deflection (i.e. damage block from Iron Buckler.jpg Iron Buckler and its derivatives).
    • Movement Speed of Shadows increased from {522 to 560}.
Kraken.jpg Kraken
  • Kraken Tsunami Charge.jpg Tsunami Charge
    • Can now grab multiple enemy heroes.
  • Kraken Splash.jpg Splash
    • Physical Damage increased from {25/45/65/85 to 30/50/70/90}.
Pandamonium.jpg Pandamonium
  • Pandamonium Flurry.jpg Flurry
    • Charge refresh interval decreased from {4 seconds to 3}.
Parallax.jpg Parallax
  • Parallax Dark Mana.jpg Dark Mana
    • Enemy heroes no longer lose mana while near the Fulcrum.
  • Parallax Earthshatter.jpg Earthshatter
    • Changes to Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master only:
      • Mana drain rate on self decreased from 3% to 1.5% of Parallax's Max Mana.
      • Now converts 50% of the damage dealt to Superior Magic DOT Damage. The other 50% will deal Magic DOT Damage.
Predator.jpg Predator
Prophet.jpg Prophet
  • Prophet Shared Fate.jpg Shared Fate
    • Cooldown reduced from {140/120/100 seconds to 120/105/90 seconds}.
Prisoner 945.jpg Prisoner
  • Prisoner 945 One Man Riot.jpg One Man Riot (Reworked)
    • Passively grants {15/20/25/30%} Base Damage.
    • Gains 10% Base Damage for every visible enemy hero within 500 radius.
  • Prisoner 945 Prison Break.jpg Prison Break
    • Can now be boosted by Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master:
      • Changes the ability to now target enemies. Performs the full effect of the ability originating from the target.
      • 1200 cast range, projectile takes 1 second to reach the target.
      • Also applies the current level of Prisoner 945 Shackled.jpg Shackled to this target.
      • In addition, increases the radius and break range of the ability by 100.
      • Can still be activated instantly if used on self.
Ravenor.jpg Ravenor
  • Ravenor Power Overwhelming.jpg Power Overwhelming
    • Minimum charge amount increased from {15 to 20}.
    • Charge per hit increased from {5 to 6}.
Riptide.jpg Riptide
  • Primary attribute changed to Agility.
  • Base Armor increased from 0.5 to 3.
  • Base Damage increased from 22-27 to 26-30.
  • Base attack cooldown increased from 1.7 to 1.9 seconds.
  • Starting Strength lowered from 25 to 18.
  • Starting Intelligence increased from 13 to 15.
  • Strength Gain reduced from 2.0 to 1.5.
  • Agility Gain increased from 1.3 to 2.0.
  • Intelligence Gain reduced from 2.5 to 2.0.
  • Base Move Speed lowered from 295 to 280.
  • Riptide Watery Grave.jpg Watery Grave
    • Range decreased from {600 to 500}.
    • Mana cost changed from {70/85/100/115 to 75/90/105/120}.
    • Silence effect removed.
    • Now slows enemy movement and attack speed by 50% for {2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds} and deals {90/180/270/360 Magic Damage} regardless of water conditions.
    • Now has a projectile that moves at 3000 speed instead of being instant.
  • Riptide Undertow.jpg Undertow (Reworked)
    Range: 1000
    Mana Cost: {130/110/90/70}
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • Target a location to transform into a tidal wave, becoming invulnerable and disjointing Riptide. Upon reaching the location creates a 350 radius puddle that grants clearvision. Up to 2 puddles will remain on the ground indefinitely.
    • Wave follows pathfinding, but goes through and destroys trees.
    • When the puddle is created, it silences enemies within range for {2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds} regardless of water conditions.
  • Riptide In My Element.jpg In My Element (Reworked)
    • When on water Riptide passively gains {15/30/45/60 Agility and Movement Speed}, as well as Unitwalking. Lingers for 3 seconds. No other effects.
    • Unitwalking can be turned on and off by using the ability.
  • Riptide Perfect Storm.jpg Perfect Storm (Reworked)
    Mana Cost: 100
    Cooldown: {160/120/80} seconds.
    • Upon use, starts a rain that covers the entire map in water for 30 seconds.
    • Now gives Riptide and allies within 1200 radius Bonus Damage equal to {20/30/40% of Riptide's Agility} and 30 Bonus Movement Speed.
    • The rain will stop if Riptide dies.
Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith
  • Base Armor decreased from 3.3 to 2.
  • Sand Wraith Mirage.jpg Mirage
    • Illusions' received damage multiplier increased from {200% to 250%}.
Scout.jpg Scout
  • Scout Marksman Shot.jpg Marksman Shot
    • Channel time reduced to a flat 1.5 seconds
    • Can now be boosted by Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master:
      • Name changed to "One Shot, One Kill" when Staff of the Master is in Scout's inventory.
      • Using the skill will not remove stealth.
      • Range increased to 3500 at all levels
      • After the projectile hits, you can activate it again within 3 seconds to charge at them
The Madman.jpg The Madman
  • The Madman Berserk.jpg Insanity (Berserk, boosted by Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master)
    • Unkillable death base duration decreased from {8 seconds to 4 seconds}.
    • Unkillable death duration extension when killing a real enemy hero increased from {3 seconds to 4 seconds}.

Items[edit | edit source]

Grimoire of Power.jpg Grimoire of Power
  • Spell Damage bonus is now passive.
  • Spell Damage bonus decreased from {+20% to +15%}.
Thunderclaw.jpg Thunderclaw
  • Attack speed increased from {25 to 40}.

Community[edit | edit source]

Ranked MMR Ladder[edit | edit source]

  • The MMR Ladder leaderboard ends on September 20th and rewards will be given out by September 23rd.
    • The reward will be the Champion of Newerth name color.

A Fresh Start[edit | edit source]

  • Wipe your slate clean from September 9th to September 18th with all Stat Resets and Sub-Accounts at 33% off.

Bonus Match Making Silver[edit | edit source]

  • Put that fresh start to good use and earn 1.5x bonus Silver from September 9th to September 18th on all MM games.

Community Event Team[edit | edit source]

  • Here to bring you HoN-related events with huge prizes! Want to earn prizes as well? Visit us at here
  • Another fresh batch of flavor tooltips find their way into Newerth!
  • Winners earn 750 GC per ability and an avatar of their choice for the hero they submitted for.

Lodestone.jpg Lodestone

Salomon.jpg Salomon

Flux.jpg Flux

  • Flux Release Pull.jpg Release: Slow down, for flux sake! [The_Deutsch]
  • Flux Magnetic Surge Pull.jpg Magnetic Surge: Some say I'm a little bit pushy. [Teepeter]
  • Flux Polarity Swap.jpg Polarity Swap: Some say I suffer from mood changes. [Teepeter]

Kinesis.jpg Kinesis

  • Knowledge is power in the battle for Newerth. We've added more loading tips to help you win your games.
    • A positive attitude is more likely to result in a positive outcome. Use constructive criticism to help your teammates improve! [Vagenius]
    • Lost an enemy hero in the trees? Dust of Revelation not only exposes invisible heroes, but can also be used to reveal the ones hidden in the Fog of War. [MisterReeves]
    • Play as a team, respect each other. [rararara1]
    • Buy a ward, save a life. [CuysauruS]
    • Enable Detailed Ability Tooltips in interface options for deeper insight on hero abilities. [NaviChan]

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

New Content[edit | edit source]

Gold Collection / Community Winner[edit | edit source]

The first pair of twins born in the Second Corruption, Nuri and Bryce were orphaned at a young age when war tore apart their family as it had to so many others. But unlike most other children, the pair possessed ample magical gifts that helped them survive. Nuri, the more rambunctious sibling, wields smoldering flames to toast any that agitate her. Bryce, her brother, commands ice to mitigate the casualties of his sisters outbursts.
Their arcane talents made them prime targets for both Legion and Hellbourne recruitment efforts. Unsure which faction contributed to their parents' tragic demise, the twins would violently rebuke the efforts of recruiters from both factions. Goodwill warped to agitation and both sides utilized bounty hunters and kidnappers to forcibly separate the pair. But those who underestimate the twins often find themselves overwhelmed as a barrage of fire and ice assaults them from all directions. The surviving would-be captors might find the two-on-one situation unfair, but the twins realize that having only each other arent favorable odds when they're up against the rest of the world.
  • This avatar is a community winner from Skinsword!

Knockout Set[edit | edit source]

Deep Sea Riptide believes he is the most dominant warrior on the planet, whether he's in humanoid form on land or achieves his true, monstrous water form. Regardless of where he roams, he takes sadistic pleasure in causing pain and wreaking havoc among the mere humans of Newerth, who are good only for food and target practice. The pitiful heroes who try to stop him are amusing for a while, but it is the true warriors like Knockout, Cyborg and Angel Style Prisoner who truly make Deep Sea Riptide's inevitable conquering of Newerth semi-interesting.
Knockout Set Effects
  • Own the entire Knockout Set and get a custom taunt icon as well as bonus effects on every Knockout avatar!
  • The Knockout Set includes:
    • Angel Style Prisoner.jpg Angel Style Prisoner: Glowing pink stocks and weapon with falling pink hearts around his ball and chain.
    • Cyborg.jpg Cyborg Flux: Glowing blue or purple beams of energy rotate around him.
    • Deep Sea Riptide.jpg Deep Sea Riptide: Glowing water swirls and splashes around him.
    • Esper.jpg Esper Kinesis: A constant flow of energy rings rise and pulse around her.
    • Knockout Gauntlet.jpg Knockout Gauntlet: Gets a fiery, glowing right gauntlet and the Knockout Fist and dazzling colors on his cape.
    • Velocity.jpg Velocity Scout: A glowing purple base and swirling balls of purple energy that flow around him.
  • Knockout Taunt
    • Changes the default taunt icon that appears above your taunt target to the Knockout fist!

General[edit | edit source]

A legendary war god who could manifest the scorching power of the sun, Montu-Ra was once the idol of all warriors, guardians, and military strategists. His power faded as civilization turned away from bloodshed as a means for conflict resolution, but now, at the peak of the battle between the Legion and Hellbourne, prayers for a true guardian and victor have brought Montu-Ra out of the shifting sands of the Great Waste to bring his might and solar arsenal against the enemies of the sun.
While Shiva receives prayers from the inhabitants of the Frost Fields because of her benevolence, Aurealis is worshipped out of fear. The Frost Gods justice is harsher than the endless winter he imposes upon his people as a test of their faith, and any who fail are found frozen solid, seemingly carved from ice, lifeless effigies that are shattered by loved ones to appease their furious god.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Skills that use cliff detection will no longer clip the involved unit(s) over the cliff.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Monkey King.jpg Monkey King
  • Monkey King Illusive Dash.jpg Illusive Dash no longer removes its secondary activation if you hit a cliff at the same time as an enemy hero on its first activation.
Scout.jpg Scout