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Design[edit | edit source]

1v1 Mode[edit | edit source]

  • A new mode has been added to the rotation: 1v1 Mode
    • 1v1 mid has always been a sacred proving ground, where players can determine who is the best player: themselves, or that trash-talking guy who challenged them!
    • 1v1 Mode takes place in Forests of Caldavar where only the middle lane is active. No Runes or Neutral Creeps will spawn.
    • Two players will battle with no distractions in a perfectly even environment, where the first hero kill or the first tower kill will immediately end the game and grant the killer victory.
    • If the game lasts 15 minutes without a hero kill or tower kill, creep score will determine the victor.
    • Pick modes work as follows:
      • Players select Same Hero Pick Mode or Different Hero Pick Mode.
      • Each player locks 3 heroes. This puts the heroes into a separate, locked pool.
      • Each player bans 2 of the 6 locked heroes.
      • If Same Hero Pick Mode is selected, one of the remaining heroes is randomly chosen and both players play as that hero.
      • If Different Hero Pick Mode was selected, the players pick which of the remaining 2 heroes they wish to play.
      • Note: Duplicate Heroes is enabled for all phases of the pick modes.

Balance[edit | edit source]

Magic Armor Changes
Apex.jpg Apex
  • Apex Decimate.jpg Decimate
    • Can now be targeted to go a shorter distance.
      • No longer forced to go 600 range.
Bombardier.jpg Bombardier
  • Bombardier Bombardment.jpg Bombardment
    • Number of waves of damage reduced from 5 to 4.
      • Total amount of damage reduced from 150/200/250/300 to 120/160/200/240.
Deadlift.jpg Deadlift
  • Deadlift Onslaught.jpg Onslaught
    • Movement Speed Slow changed from a non-tapering 15% + 5% per nearby ally unit to tapering 70% Movement Speed Slow.
      • Previously, only the base Movement Speed Slow was tapering, which caused the skill to apply a much stronger Movement Speed Slow than intended.
    • Damage modifier on affected units against heroes decreased from 0.75x to 0.5x.
  • Deadlift Soul Syphon.jpg The Dead Shall Rise
    • Number of Undead units spawned when casting Onslaught changed from 1/2/3/4 to 2.
    • Max number of Undead units changed from 3/5/7/9 to 4.
    • Received Damage multiplier for Undead units changed from 350/300/250/200% to 400/300/200/100%.
    • Undead units' damage dealt is now properly set to 50/75/100/125% (was incorrectly set to 75/100/125/150%).
Drunken Master.jpg Drunken Master
  • Drunken Master Stagger.jpg Stagger
    • Attack Damage bonus increased from 15/30/45/60 to 20/40/60/80.
  • Drunken Master Magic Brew.jpg Drunken Style
    • Critical hit chance increased from 8/16/24/32% to 10/20/30/40%.
Klanx.jpg Klanx
  • Klanx H.A.W.K..jpg H.A.W.K.
    • While active, whenever Klanx autoattacks enemy heroes, he gives them vision of himself for 2 seconds.
Myrmidon.jpg Myrmidon
  • Myrmidon Forced Evolution.jpg Mutant Evolution (Forced Evolution, boosted by Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master)
    • Staff of the Master damage increase reduced from +50 to +30.
      • Total Magic Damage per attack decreased from 175/225/275 to 155/205/255.
Nymphora.jpg Nymphora

Map Updates[edit | edit source]

The world of Newerth is always in a state of continual improvement. The following visual updates were made:

  • Base Death Animations.
  • Legion World Tree and Hellbourne Shrine models.
  • Legion and Hellbourne Creeps and Barracks models.
  • Legion and Hellbourne Tower models.
  • Legion and Hellbourne supplementary building models, including the Shop and Observatory models.

Community[edit | edit source]

Champions of Newerth is back for a second season. Are you ready?

  • CoN Season 2 will start on January 23 2017, and will last approximately 3 months.
  • For more information on the new season, head to the General Discussion section on the forums.

A New Dawn[edit | edit source]

With the arrival of this year's Spring Festival, Newerth is getting prepared to bring in the new year!

  • 15% Bonus Gold Sale
    • Fill your pockets with some extra gold in preparation for the celebration.
    • The 15% bonus gold sale starts on 1/27 and lasts until 2/1.
  • Event Rewards
    • The celebration continues. The more you play, the more you earn.
    • Log in 5 Consecutive Days from 1/27 - 2/7, earn Diao Chan.jpg Diao Chan Empath!
    • Log in on 1/28, earn Zhang Fei.jpg Zhang Fei Nomad.
    • Play 5 Games from 1/27 - 2/7, earn Cao Cao.jpg Cao Cao Maliken.
    • Win 5 Games from 1/27 - 2/7, earn Lu Bu.jpg Lu Bu Monkey King.
  • Dance With The Dragon Weekend
    • Play 20 Games over the Chinese New Year weekend (1/27 - 1/30) and earn the new CNY Holiday Edition avatar, Lion Dance Disciple.jpg Lion Dance Disciple, for free!

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

  • Champions of Newerth (CoN)
    • Map: Forests of Caldavar
    • Mode: Counter Pick
  • Forests of Caldavar
    • All Pick
    • Single Draft
    • Balanced Random
  • Mid Wars
    • Blind Ban
    • All Random
  • 1v1 Mode
    • Same Hero
    • Different Hero

New Content[edit | edit source]

Armadon spends most of the year spreading snot and spines across Newerth, but for the joyous Spring Festival he's donned a delightful God of Fortune costume and will spend the holiday sharing coins in the hope that they bring happiness and prosperity to all! He welcomes offerings of pig, goat, chicken, duck, and carp in return for luck in the coming months, and if the gift is very generous, Armadon might not hit you with snot for the rest of the year. But he probably will.
The worship and respect paid to the gods is all well and good during Spring Festival, but it is also a time for entertaining friends and family! Artesia welcomes all of Newerth to don their most spectacular outfits and join her in celebrating with food, drink, gifts, and enjoying the amazing dragon and lion dancers!
Spring Festival Disciple is a master of the traditional Lion Dance, with dynamic footwork and movements that capture the spirit of the powerful king of the jungle. With a style that beautifully shifts from fierce to playful and back again, the Spring Festival Disciple deftly plucks the auspicious offerings left to reward his performance. He always takes special care to pay his respects to the local temples and ancestors, and the only thing that brings him more joy than an impressive dance is spreading good fortune and happiness to everyone he encounters.
Ever a student of history and archaeology, Doctor Repulsor has done extensive research into the spring festival to discover the best ways to ensure he has good fortune in the new year. When he found out red firecrackers are used to ward off evil spirits as well as attract the favor of certain gods, he devoted his powerful intellect and staggering knowledge of science, psychology, and sociology to maximizing the benefits of these explosive party favors. The result: Doctor Firecracker! The rest of Newerth just hopes he doesn't get too fond of all the racket...
Spring Festival Set Effect
  • If you own all 4 of these avatars, each gains a unique additional effect:
    • God of Fortune.jpg God of Fortune Armadon gains a shower of gold ingots.
    • Yuanri.jpg Yuanri Artesia gains a festive flower blossom.
    • Lion Dance Disciple.jpg Lion Dance Corrupted Disciple gains a dancing lion pet that follows him around.
    • Doctor Firecracker.jpg Doctor Firecracker Doctor Repulsor gains enhanced effects on his passive (Electric Frenzy), and his Firecrackers gain light effects.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

Counter Pick[edit | edit source]

  • Players will now be properly able to swap their hero with a teammate at any point in the picking phase, so long as the players who are swapping have already selected a hero.
  • If you queue up as a complete group of 5, the group leader will always be selected as the Captain regardless of their rank.

General[edit | edit source]

  • "Disable Background Effects" now properly disables the login screen animations.
  • Self-cast hotkeys now work properly if Smartcast is not toggled on.
  • Movable Frames now functions properly once again.
  • If a Ward and a gadget's selection areas overlap, the Ward will have a higher priority than the gadget.
  • The Hellbourne Tarpit's attack structure now does the proper amount of damage (it was doing 3x more damage than intended).
  • The Demented Shaman.jpg Demented Shaman bot has been updated to function properly.
  • Paragon Taunt & Treasure Chest Taunt now play their sounds in the HoN Store & Vault.
  • Hovering over avatars in the Specials page of the HoN Store will now display the hero's name properly (instead of their alias in the entity files).

Heroes[edit | edit source]

  • All heroes are now able to be picked in Tournament Rules.
Adrenaline.jpg Adrenaline
Artesia.jpg Artesia
Emerald Warden.jpg Emerald Warden
  • Emerald Warden Summon Gawain.jpg Gawain will no longer use its skills if it is owned by an illusion of Emerald Warden.
Glacius.jpg Glacius
Kraken.jpg Kraken
  • Kraken Tsunami Charge.jpg Tsunami Charge will no longer teleport Kraken to the target if he is displaced prior to the target impacting a cliff/tree.
Moraxus.jpg Moraxus
  • Moraxus More Axes.jpg More Axes will no longer incorrectly show a timer if the skill is not leveled.
Pebbles.jpg Pebbles
  • Pebbles Chuck.jpg Chuck will now deal the proper amount of bonus damage to the Chucked unit based on the level of Pebbles Enlarge.jpg Enlarge.
Shellshock.jpg Shellshock
  • Shellshock Rolling Thunder.jpg Rolling Thunder will no longer interrupt an ally's channeling when Shellshock is launched.
  • Shellshock Rolling Thunder.jpg Rolling Thunder will now end properly if the target dies before Shellshock starts rolling towards them.
Skrap.jpg Skrap
  • Warlock.jpg Warlock Skrap's voice interaction sounds now play properly when killing another Paragon avatar hero.
Wildsoul.jpg Wildsoul
Witch Slayer.jpg Witch Slayer
  • Left and right hand bone-related effects will now play properly for all of Witch Slayer's avatars.

Items[edit | edit source]

Geometer's Bane.jpg Geometer's Bane
  • Upon use, illusions will now separate properly.
    • Fixes a corner case bug where units with Unitwalking (e.g. Klanx.jpg Klanx with his passive Klanx H.A.W.K..jpg H.A.W.K.) will stack on top of each other after Geometer's Bane is used.
  • Spawned illusions from Geometer's Bane will now properly play the purple visual effect.