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Design[edit | edit source]

Optimizations[edit | edit source]

  • The Scoreboard layout has received a visual overhaul! Information is now more readily visible, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.
  • When a game is found during a queue, the HoN tray icon flashes and brings the game window to the front.
    • A sound will still play when a game has been found.
  • The HoN Store now has a Search Bar for the Account Icons & Chat Symbols sections.

Balance[edit | edit source]

Blood Hunter.jpg Blood Hunter
  • Blood Hunter Blood Crazy.jpg Blood Crazy (Reworked)
    Range: 800
    Mana Cost: 100
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    • Target an enemy unit to Silence it for 4 seconds and deal 60 Magic Damage to it. The target also receives 10/20/30/40 Magic Damage per second.
    • Your autoattacks made against this target increases the duration of the Silence by 1 second.
  • Blood Hunter Blood Sense.jpg Blood Sense
    • Detection threshold decreased from 40% to 35% of Max Health.
    • Your autoattacks deal a bonus 10/20/30/40% of your Base Damage against a target marked by Blood Sense.
  • Blood Hunter Hemorrhage.jpg Hemorrhage
    • Initial Superior Magic Damage reduced from 200/325/450 to 200/300/400.
    • Superior Magic Damage taken per distance unit travelled increased from 30/50/70% to 35/55/75%.
    • Any type of displacement now triggers the damage caused by Hemorrhage (i.e. Tablet of Command.jpg Tablet of Command).

Community[edit | edit source]

Thai Ghost Set[edit | edit source]

The Thai Ghost Set continue to trickle into Newerth.

  • Upon release, each Thai Ghost avatar will be 25% off until the next Thai Ghost avatar comes out.
  • Make sure to grab the avatars early before you miss out on this great deal!

Songkran 2017[edit | edit source]

We're gearing up for the hottest event of the year break out the squirt guns to keep cool.

  • Songkran will hit Newerth in full force during the next patch, 4.0.7.
  • Some heroes are already in their swimsuits in preparation for the event so don't be surprised if a stray water balloon comes your way.

Combo Avatars[edit | edit source]

Straight out of your imagination, Chuck Pebbles and Grace Nymphora are heading into Newerth in an extraordinary fashion.

  • The Combo Avatars are bringing a new type of event with them, win and gift.
  • During the event, when you purchase one of the Combo Avatars you will be able to gift it to a friend only if you've won 3 games together.
  • Games can be won on Mid Wars or Forests of Caldavar.
  • The event will run from March 29th to April 5th so make sure to get your games in.

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

New Content[edit | edit source]

Songkran[edit | edit source]

Among the rare, precious things in Newerth are the lovely, nurturing petals of the Sefir Tree, the distant, echoing songs of the monks within the Monastery of the Way, and days when Bombardier doesn't want to blow something up. It happens about once a year, and even though he takes a break from blasting caps and earth-shattering explosions, he still feels the need to throw SOMETHING at SOMEONE. Luckily, the Songkran festival embraces the cleansing power of water in any form, including bursts, barrels, and bombing runs, and our fiery friend is more than happy to cleanse the entire party one balloon at a time.
There are no partygoers who embody the fun-filled water fight revelry of Songkran more than Songkran Adrenaline, who immediately rushes into any group of locals or tourists he stumbles across during the chaotic celebration and unleashes a truly epic barrage of splashing. Midway through the celebratory dousing, the soaked targets begin to wonder when this hyped-up prankster will run out of water -- but surprise! -- he never will. With a body made of water weapons and an endless supply to fill them, Songkran Adrenaline is prepared to make the Thai New Year last 365 days.

Thai Ghosts[edit | edit source]

The powerful sorcery of the Sang-La Mountains can be very tempting, and when a foolish man thinks he is worthy of wielding the magic, say, of a Moh-Phi shaman, his hubris can have horrible consequences. If the sorcery deems a man unworthy, it will transform him into a Krahang, a tortured being doomed to live as a normal person during the day and a flying ghost by night. Krahang aren't necessarily evil – though they may terrorize villagers walking in remote areas at night – and you may even befriend one by complimenting his winnowing basket wings and impressive wooden pestle. Be forewarned, though: even a friendly Krahang will not protect you if you encounter the hideous and vengeful Krasue. Should that happen, the Krahang may even use his wings and pestle to help Krasue devour your entrails, as he'd rather make a short-term enemy of you than an eternal enemy of the terrifying Krasue.
  • New Thai Ghost Set Effect
    • When you own all of the Thai Ghost avatars, each avatar gains a sacred, glowing symbol that revolves around the character and promises to deliver even more ghostly powers.

Imaginary Friends Combo Set[edit | edit source]

Grace was a lonely, fragile child of the nymphs who was left beneath the protection of the Sefir Tree when the warriors were called to battle. To keep herself company she invented a best friend, Chuck, who played hide-and-seek with her and danced to her soft, gentle singing.
Their fun was shattered when a Rulian Marsh raiding party burst from the forest and, seeing her alone and helpless, closed in for an easy meal. Chuck stood between the trolls and his Gracie, ready to fight to the death to protect her, but the raiders moved through him as if he wasn't there indeed, he was not.
Grace tried to summon her fairy magic to teleport away, but her immature grasp of her powers led to an overwhelming surge that transferred some of her life force into Chuck. Brought to furious life, he tore the trolls to pieces, flinging their body parts away so the blood and rot would not frighten his Gracie.
Grace and Chuck have been inseparable since that day, and even though she has grown up, Grace still needs her best friend to keep her safe, and Chuck still needs his Gracie to sing her soft, gentle songs.
  • New Imaginary Friends Set Effects: When Chuck and Grace are in a game together, they each gain enhanced ability effects! Grace gains adorable and protective stuffed animal friends, and Chuck gains some of Grace's furry friends as well as enchanted pixie dust!

General[edit | edit source]

The Keepers of the Blossoms are revered and protected by those who live within the Monastery of the Way, for it was these benevolent guardians who planted and tended the glorious trees that attracted the first Shao monks to the peaks of the Sang-La Mountains and inspired them to build their temple upon the summit. Now, as the monks descend the mountain passes into the chaos of war to save Newerth from endless corruption, the Blossom Keepers fall in with them, vowing to return the protection the monks have provided for centuries.
This leviathan is named for the toxic clouds of death she unleashes on anyone or anything that strays too close to her domain. The lucky ones die choking on a mix of sea water and blood as the poison causes a slow and painful demise; the unlucky ones fall into the icy grip of the Maw before they reach that sweet release. The most sinister of the Maw’s servants, she takes utmost pleasure in seeing her poison melt the skin off her prey. She has no qualms in killing unquestioningly; the will of her master is absolute.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • Taking damage sourced from yourself, your ally units or your own units will no longer reset the AFK Timer.
  • Kongor.jpg Kongor's respawn timer visuals will now be properly displayed to all players.
  • Kongor.jpg Kongor's Pebbles Chuck.jpg Boulder Toss will no longer play its visual ground impact effect through fog.
  • Pick Screen UI will no longer be unresponsive upon entering a Champions of Newerth game.

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Adrenaline.jpg Adrenaline
  • Fracture illusions are now pitch-black to further distinguish them from the real Adrenaline hero.
Deadwood.jpg Deadwood
Pharaoh.jpg Pharaoh
  • Enemies will no longer be able to pass through cliffs if Pharaoh's Pharaoh Wall of Mummies.jpg Wall of Mummies is used near cliffs.
Pollywog Priest.jpg Pollywog Priest
Tarot.jpg Tarot
  • Tarot Bound by Fate.jpg Bound by Fate will now instantly apply the Stun & Magic Damage to a tethered unit if the main target dies before the initial projectile impacts.