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Design[edit | edit source]

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Kinesis.jpg Kinesis
  • Kinesis Stasis Smash.jpg Stasis Smash
    • The affected target now receives 30% Damage Reduction from all sources while Stasis Smash is active.
      • Prior to the changes in 4.3.5, the Damage Reduction on the target applied to all sources except from Kinesis. Now, the Damage Reduction on the target applies to all sources, including Kinesis.

Items[edit | edit source]

Orb of Zamos.jpg SomaZ's Synchronizer
  • Renamed to Orb of Zamos.
    • Credits to i99StrPurePk for the name suggestion.

Matchmaking Maps & Modes[edit | edit source]

  • Champions of Newerth (CoN)
    • Map: Forests of Caldavar
    • Mode: Counter Pick
  • Forests of Caldavar
    • All Pick
    • Single Draft
    • Balanced Random
  • Mid Wars
    • Hero Ban
    • All Random
  • 1v1 Mode
    • Solo/Different Heroes

New Content[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Plinko Smith has a bit of a gambling problem. He gambles on cards, dice, roulette, even which bubble in Engineer's beer stein will pop first. When he started taking pre-battle wagers on which enemy would die first, it became increasingly burdensome to keep track of who bet what, on which enemy, how they would die -- then throw in the actual chaos of battle and it was a real pain in the butt. When he lamented about this to Tork over a vat of beer, the Engineer devised a perfect solution: rather than rely on betting machines that had to be lugged around, why not become the actual machine? Measurements were taken, more beer was poured, tweaks were made, and viola! Plinko Smith strutted onto the battlefield, taking bets, paying out gold to the winners and bludgeoning the losers.
The young girl from the tiny Sang-La village was honored to work for the shinshoku, the priests who tended the Kusanagi Shrine, and she found great joy in sweeping and washing the floors, filling the lanterns, and preparing for ceremonies. When word came of General Po's rampage across the land, devastating sacred sites and converting them to shrines to himself, the priests began the heartbreaking process of dismantling the shrine to hide it from the brutal despot. But they were too late. Po's scouts arrived before the priests could fully conceal the shrine and its namesake, the legendary Kusanagi sword, revered for how many battles it had won. The terrified girl hid behind the sword's altar, powerless as the priests were slaughtered by Po's soldiers and put on display for when their master arrived. She prayed to the gods for help -- not to save her life, but to protect the sword and keep it from falling into the hands of evil. Perhaps she could take it from the altar, slip into the mountains and hide it until she could find someone who could truly protect the blade...
She lifted Kusanagi from its altar -- the blade was surprisingly light -- and crept toward the thick forest just beyond the shrine's clearing. When one of Po's scouts shouted at her, then charged with a half-dozen others, the girl knew she had failed. But she would not give up without a fight. The scouts laughed as she lifted the blade in an awkward warrior's stance, then taunted her, offering her one free shot before they threw her corpse atop the dead priests. With tears in her eyes the girl swung the blade, knowing it would fall short, but it was all she could think to do. The blade did miss, but the fiery wheel burning with the fury of the gods did not. The blade unleashed this magical weapon upon the scouts and cut them down, turning them to bones and ash. The remaining scouts attacked and she swung the blade again, summoning a shrine that trapped the killers within then collapsed upon them. The girl stared at Kusanagi, awed by its power. The legends were true! If she could master the blade, become worthy of carrying it into battle against General Po and the fiends of corruption, maybe she could help bring peace to the land. Maybe then Kusanagi could rest again, but for now, there was work to be done, and a legend to continue.
With Ascension technology fully integrated into life on Newerth, the battlefields and warriors who stand upon them will never be the same! While the extraterrestrial equipment was intended to destroy Parallax and the Artificers, the Legion has adapted it to further their cause against the daemon blight; and of course, corruption cares not what it taints, so even the pure technology of the Ascension is not immune to its destructive powers.
The Electrician constantly searches for new technologies and materials to aid his mission of replicating the destructive powers of the Hellbourne and expanding their damage capabilities, and when he discovered the Ascension technology and its seemingly endless depth of potential, he immediately began experiments to weaponize it. His first attempts to use the unfamiliar technology to channel his beloved electricity ended rather embarrassingly, with a scorched face and a laboratory that still smells like burnt bone marrow. But when he modeled his formulas after the ancient Daemon Lords, those cruel tormentors known as Ravenors, aha! Converting the electricity to plasma made it much more stable -- and lethal -- while imbuing the cybernetic soldiers with a sole directive of causing as much human suffering as possible gave them a simple, executable mission. The results, battlefields strewn with charred corpses forever locked in poses of agony, make the Electrician giddy with satisfaction.

Bug Fixes & Optimizations[edit | edit source]

Heroes[edit | edit source]

Kinesis.jpg Kinesis
Ravenor.jpg Ravenor