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Walking refers to a class of status effects that allow units to pass through certain objects in the environment. There are four types of walking: Unitwalking, Treewalking, Cliffwalking, and Buildingwalking.

Unitwalking[edit | edit source]

Unitwalking allows units to ignore collision with other units. Unitwalking is particularly useful in that it prevents you from being blocked by a group of creeps while chasing or running away (known as the dreaded "creep block") or from causing collision problems with friendly units, especially in a narrow pathway. Most forms of Stealth also grant Unitwalking.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Unit/Item Source Target Duration Notes
Aluna.jpg Aluna Aluna Deja Vu.jpg Deja Vu Self 3/4/5/6 seconds Removed after 3rd activation
Apex.jpg Apex Apex Fire Surge.jpg Fire Surge Self 2.5 seconds Attacking ends the effect early.
Assassin's Shroud.jpg Assassin's Shroud Activation Self 9 seconds (Stealth)
Artesia.jpg Artesia Artesia Dance of Death.jpg Dance of Death Self 3/4/5/6 seconds (Channeling)
Blitz.jpg Blitz Blitz Quicken.jpg Quicken Target Ally 2.5/3.25/4/4.75 seconds
Tremble Hive Mind.jpg Boris Passive N/A N/A
CirceHero.jpg Circe Circe Deceive.jpg Deceive Self 4/6/8/10 seconds (Stealth)
Item Energizer.jpg Energizer Activation Non-Hero Allies 6 seconds Player-controlled units only
Fayde.jpg Fayde Fayde Shadow Walk.jpg Shadow Walk Self 2.5 seconds
Fayde.jpg Fayde Fayde Reflection.jpg Reflection Self 20/40/60 seconds (Stealth)
Genjuro.jpg Genjuro Activation Self 9 seconds (Stealth)
Ghost Marchers.jpg Ghost Marchers Activation Self 6 seconds
Grinex.jpg Grinex Grinex Rift Stalk.jpg Rift Stalk Self 6/7/8/9 seconds (Stealth)
Keeper of the Forest.jpg Keeper of the Forest Keeper of the Forest Root.jpg Root Self 2/3/4 seconds
Legionnaire.jpg Legionnaire Legionnaire Terrifying Charge.jpg Terrifying Charge Self While charging
Magmus.jpg Magmus Magmus Steam Bath.jpg Steam Bath Self 20/40/60/80 seconds (Stealth, Channeling)
Nomad.jpg Nomad Nomad Mirage Strike.jpg Mirage Strike Self 3 seconds (Stealth)
Nomad.jpg Nomad Nomad Sandstorm.jpg Sandstorm Ally Units 4 seconds Active while inside sandstorm
Pestilence.jpg Pestilence Pestilence Flight.jpg Flight Self 25 seconds
Post Haste.jpg Post Haste Activation Self 5 seconds Applies after successful teleport.
Reckless Horseman.jpg Reckless Horseman Solstice Blinding Rush.jpg Charging Self While charging
Revenant.jpg Revenant Revenant Essence Shroud.jpg Essence Shroud Ally Unit 12/15/18/21 seconds (Stealth)
Riptide.jpg Riptide Riptide In My Element.jpg In My Element Self N/A Applies while on water; 3 second lingering time
Scout.jpg Scout Scout Vanish.jpg Vanish Self While stealthed
Shadowblade.jpg Shadowblade Shadowblade Essence Shift.jpg Essence Shift Self N/A Applies while Agility is copied; Boosted version only
Snotter.jpg Snotter Boss Snotter Boss Snotter Speed.jpg Snotter Speed! Ally Units 8 seconds
Solstice.jpg Solstice Solstice Blinding Rush.jpg Blinding Dash Self While charging Applies for both Day and Night version
The Madman.jpg The Madman The Madman Stalk.jpg Stalk Self 4 seconds (Stealth)
Tremble.jpg Tremble Tremble Terrorform.jpg Terrorform Self & Boris N/A Applies while inside Mound; 1 second lingering time
War Beast.jpg War Beast War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis Owned Units 14/15/16 seconds
Warchief.jpg Warchief Warchief Spirit Walk.jpg Spirit Walk Spirit N/A
Wild Hunter.jpg Wild Hunter Stealth Hunter On the Hunt.jpg On the Hunt Self 15 seconds (Stealth)
Wingbow.jpg Wingbow Passive Self N/A Applies to Melee heroes only

Treewalking[edit | edit source]

Treewalking allows units to move inside trees.

Unit/Item Source Target Duration Notes
Deadwood.jpg Deadwood Deadwood Clearcutting.jpg Clearcutting Self 12/14/16/18 seconds Destroys trees around Deadwood, so technically redundant
Fayde.jpg Fayde Fayde Reflection.jpg Reflection Self 20/40/60 seconds (Stealth)
Solstice.jpg Solstice Solstice Shadow Dash.jpg Shadow Dash Self While charging Day version destroys trees instead
Warchief.jpg Warchief Warchief Spirit Walk.jpg Spirit Walk Spirit N/A

Buildingwalking[edit | edit source]

Buildingwalking allows units to move through buildings such as Towers and Barracks.

Unit/Item Source Target Duration Notes
Warchief.jpg Warchief Warchief Spirit Walk.jpg Spirit Walk Spirit N/A

Cliffwalking[edit | edit source]

Cliffwalking allows units to move through terrain, such as cliffs.

Free Pathing[edit | edit source]

These abilities grants all four types of Walking.

Unit/Item Source Target Duration Notes
Amun-Ra.jpg Amun-Ra Amun-Ra Path of Destruction.jpg Path of Destruction Self N/A Active while in path; Path destroys trees
Kane.jpg Kane Kane Face Off.jpg Face Off Enemy Hero & Self 3.5/4.5/5.5 seconds Duration refreshes when both units clash; removed when either hero dies
Klanx.jpg Klanx Klanx H.A.W.K..jpg H.A.W.K. Self (Passive) 10/20/30/40 seconds (N/A) Destroys nearby trees
Rampage.jpg Rampage Rampage Stampede.jpg Stampede Self While charging Destroys trees
Sand Wraith.jpg Sand Wraith Sand Wraith Desert's Curse.jpg Desert's Curse Self N/A Active while in path; Lingers for 3 seconds after leaving path