War Beast

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War Beast
War Beast.jpg
Hellbourne.png Hellbourne
Strengthlogo.gif 24 Agilitylogo.gif 16 Intelligencelogo.gif 15
(+3.0) (+1.4) (+1.6)
Level 1 16 25
Health 606 1499 2354
Mana 195 533 949
Damage 55-59 102-106 147-151
Armor 1.24 4.46 8.66
Attack Speed 0.67 0.8 0.95
Movement Speed 305
Magic Armor 5
Base Health Regen 1.00
Attack Range 150 (Melee)
Missile Speed Instant
Base Attack Time 1.7
Attack Animation 0.5/0.5
Turn Rate 450

Info[edit | edit source]

Once a hound keeper in the underworld, War Beast heeded the call to arms in order to feed the victims of Newerth to his pets. War Beast's allegiance was never questioned. His hunger for carnage remains unending, feeding the animal within.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Summon Hellhounds
[ Q ]
War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg
Cast Time: 0.5 / 0.5 seconds
No Target
War Beast Summons forth Hellhounds from the underworld to attack his enemies.
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Summons 2 Hellhounds. Only 2 can be active at a time.

Hellhounds have 400 Health, deal 25/35/45/55 Physical Damage per attack, 2 Armor, and have an attack cooldown time of 1.25 seconds. Their attacks have a 30% chance to do 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8x normal damage.

Level 4 Hellhounds gain invisibility when not attacking.

Hellhounds cannot attack towers unless War Beast is within 925 units.

Who let the dogs out?
  • Summon Hellhounds will kill the currently active Hellhounds.
  • Already summoned wolves do not get new abilities when the spell is leveled. Only wolves summoned after leveling get them.

Battle Cry
[ W ]
War Beast Battle Cry.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0 seconds
Global Ally Units
Type - Magic
War Beast lets out a mighty battle cry, adding bonus damage to himself and units under his command.
Mana Cost: 50
Cooldown: 70/60/50/40 seconds
Applies Battle Cry to self and all allied heroes for 20 seconds.

Applies Rallied to all allied player controlled units for 20 seconds.

Fear is motivation!

Battle Cry Effects
+15/20/25/30 Damage
+5/10/15/20 Attack Speed

Rallied Effects
+6/8/10/12 Damage
+5/10/15/20 Attack Speed

  • If Hellhounds are summoned while Battle Cry is active, Hellhounds will receive the buff equal to the remaining duration.
  • Unlike most buff effects, Battle Cry does not count towards assists.

Primal Rage
[ E ]
War Beast Primal Rage.jpg
Aura Owned Units
War Beast builds his Primal Rage, increasing Attack Damage and Health Regeneration of himself and units under his control.
Radius: 9999
Passively adds 10/15/20/25% Base Damage and 2/4/6/8 Health Regeneration to yourself and units under your control.
Evil to the core!

[ R ]
War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg
Cast Time: 0 / 0 seconds
War Beast transforms into a Hellhound Lieutenant, gaining a larger Health pool, a critical attack, a speed boost and unitwalking.
Cooldown: 100/80/60 seconds
Applies Metamorphosis to self for 16 seconds.

(Activate to gain maximum movement speed and unitwalking on self and all units you control for 16 seconds. Passively reduces base attack time, grants a 30% 1.5x critical strike chance and 100/200/300 bonus Health.)

I'm a real beast!

Metamorphosis Effects
+100/200/300 Max Health
30% chance to 1.6/1.8/2x Critical Strike
Reduces base attack time from 1.7 seconds to 1.4 seconds.
Increases Movement Speed of self and all owned units to 522 and grants unitwalking.
Increases sight range at night by 600/800/1000.

  • War Beast and his units have +10000% Movement Speed and 100% Slow Resistance during Metamorphosis.
  • With Staff of the Master, the BAT reduction, Critical Strike, Max Health bonus, bonus night sight range, and transformation effect are passive. Activating it grants max movespeed.

Hellhound[edit | edit source]

Summon Hellhounds
War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg
Combat Type Melee
Health 400
Health Regen 0.25
Damage 25/35/45/55
Armor 2
Magic Armor 0
Movement Speed 400
Sight Range 1200/800
Attack Range 100 (Melee)
Missile Speed Instant
Base Attack Time 1.25
Attack Animation 0.75/0.7/0.65/0.6 / 0.25/0.3/0.35/0.4
Turn Rate 450
Gold 21/26/36/41 Gold.png
Experience 20

Critical Bite
[ Q ]
Wildsoul Wild.jpg
Chance to critical strike on each attack.
Passively grants a 30 chance to crit for 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8x damage.

[ W ]
Hellhound Invisibility.jpg
Always invisible when not attacking.
Stealth with 3 second fade time
  • Requires Level 4 Summon Hellhounds.

Alt Avatars[edit | edit source]

Changelog[edit | edit source]

Version 4.5.5

Hellhound Damage increased from 15/25/35/45 to 25/35/45/55.

Version 4.5.3

  • War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg Summon Hellhounds
    • Duration of Hellhounds increased from 55 seconds to infinite.
      • Still a limit of 2 Hellhounds active at the same time.
    • Hellhound Health decreased from 500 to 400.
    • Hellhound Attack Damage decreased from 25/35/45/55 to 15/25/35/45.
    • Hellhound Critical Hit chance increased from 10/20/30/40% to 30%.
    • Hellhound Critical Hit multiplier rescaled from 1.5x to 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8x.

Version 4.4.3

  • War Beast Primal Rage.jpg Primal Rage
    • Bonus Base Damage reduced from 10/20/30/40% to 10/15/20/25%.

Version 4.3.3

  • Base Strength increased from 22 to 24.
  • Strength gain per level increased from 2.8 to 3.0.
  • Agility gain per level lowered from 1.9 to 1.4.
  • War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg Summon Hellhounds
    • Hellhound Health rescaled from 400/475/550/625 to 500.
    • Hellhound Damage rescaled from 30/35/40/45 to 25/35/45/55.
    • Hellhound Armor lowered from 3 to 2.
    • Critical Strike chance rescaled from 0/30/30/30% to 10/20/30/40%.
  • War Beast Battle Cry.jpg Battle Cry
    • Mana Cost increased from 30 to 50.
    • Cooldown increased from 35 to 70/60/50/40 seconds.
    • Bonus Damage for heroes rescaled from 11/22/33/44 to 15/20/25/30.
    • Bonus Damage for non-hero units rescaled from 4/8/12/16 to 6/8/10/12.
    • Buff now also grants 5/10/15/20 bonus Attack Speed.
      • This applies to both heroes and non-hero units.
    • Duration increased from 16 to 20 seconds.
  • War Beast Primal Rage.jpg Primal Rage
    • Base Damage bonus increased from 10/15/20/25% to 10/20/30/40%.
    • No longer grants 10/15/20/25 Attack Speed to your owned units.
    • Now also grants 2/4/6/8 Health Regeneration.
  • War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis
    • Cooldown increased from 80/60/40 to 100/80/60 seconds.
    • Active effect now also increases sight range during the night by 600/800/1000.
    • Critical Strike damage multiplier increased from 1.5x to 1.6/1.8/2.0x.

Version 4.2.0

  • War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis
    • Added a new Staff of the Master.jpg Staff of the Master effect: Now permanently turns you into a wolf and passively gives you all the bonuses of this ability except for the Movement Speed bonus. This includes a lower Base Attack Time (BAT), extra Health and Critical Strike.
      • Activating the ability grants you and your units Max Movement Speed and Unitwalking for the usual duration.

Version 4.0.2

  • Magic Armor increased from 3 to 4.

Version 4.0.0

  • Magic Armor decreased from 5.5 to 3.
  • War Beast Battle Cry.jpg Battle Cry
    • The buff state no longer gives assists to War Beast.
  • War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis
    • Mana cost lowered from 75 to 0.

Version 3.7.10

  • War Beast Battle Cry.jpg Battle Cry
    • Mana cost increased from 25/20/15/10 to 30 at all levels.

Version 3.7.1

  • War Beast Battle Cry.jpg Battle Cry
    • No longer grants assists
    • Mana cost increased from 15/10/5/0 to 25/20/15/10

Version 3.6.0

Version 3.4.0

  • War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg Summon Hellhounds
    • Starting armor increased from 2 to 3
    • Damage increased from 24/32/40/48 to 30/35/40/45

Version 3.3.0

Version 2.6.8

Version 2.6.4

  • Strength Gain increased from 2.75 to 2.8
  • Intelligence Gain increased from 1.55 to 1.6

Version 2.6.0

  • War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg Summon Hellhounds
    • Attack Point lowered from 0.75 seconds to 0.75/0.7/0.65/0.6 seconds

Version 2.5.20

  • Health regen reduced from 1.25 to 1
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.

Version 2.2.4

  • War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg Summon Hellhounds
    • Damage increased from 18/29/37/46 to 20/29/38/47
    • Armor increased from 0 to 2

Version 2.2.0

  • Health regen increased from 0.25 to 1.25 health per second
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.
  • War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg Summon Hellhounds
    • Warbeast now copies his existing War Beast Battle Cry.jpg Battle Cry buff to the Wolves when they are summoned

Version 2.0.34

  • Attack Range now 128 units
    • This is a part of a global change to all melee heroes.

Version 2.0.14

Version 1.0.5

  • War Beast Summon Hellhounds.jpg Summon Hellhounds
    • Wolves will no longer be able to attack towers unless Warbeast is within 925 units of them


  • War Beast Battle Cry.jpg Battle Cry
    • Mana Cost reduced from 15/20/25/30 to 15/10/5/0.

Version 0.1.52

  • War Beast Battle Cry.jpg Battle Cry
    • Cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis
    • Added unitwalking to Warbeast and wolves while Metamorphosis is active.

Version 0.1.45

Version 0.1.28

  • War Beast Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis
    • Guarantees max move speed for Warbeast and his pets.

Version 0.1.26

  • War Beast Battle Cry.jpg Battle Cry
    • Buffs heroes for +11/22/33/44 damage, player controlled units by +4/8/12/16 damage.

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