Yokai Arachna

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Yokai Arachna
Yokai Arachna.jpg
Hero Arachna.jpg Arachna
Set(s) Icon Yokai.png Yokai
Icon Limited Edition.png Limited Edition
Released Version 4.2.2
Listed Price   450 Gold coins.png
3500 Silver coins.png

Description[edit source]

Deep within the Sang-La Mountains, in a valley almost entirely isolated from the outside world, a cluster of small villages lives in constant fear of the Youkai. These are creatures and phenomena that cannot be explained by the elders, the laws of nature, or any application of common sense. They simply should not exist -- yet they do. If the villagers were brave enough to venture beyond their sturdy, bamboo walls, they might discover a shadowed entrance tucked within a fold of the valley wall. An entrance with foreign, sinister runes carved around its mouth. And within that entrance, a cave, leading down, down, down, until the cold stone begins to grow warm. Then hot. Then blistering. It is a gateway to All Hells, and from there the Youkai scuttle forth from their corrupted dwellings to take the shape of nightmares.
Youkai Arachna is a creature of playful mischief. She thrives on the combination of glee and anxiety that comes with wildly popular Newerthian games such as Hide and Seek, Catch Me if You Can, and probably her all-time favorite, Save Me from the Spiders. Slightly coy and bashful when she first meets a playmate, she quickly forms a lifelong attachment with them and decides they will play together forever and ever. When her playmates feel otherwise due to exhaustion, terror, or blood loss, Youkai Arachna's nightmarish temper reveals itself. She typically regrets these moments, when she tears off legs to prevent someone from running away or binds them in a suffocating web until they realize how much fun they're having. But her sorrow is quickly forgotten when a new playmate comes along and the game begins anew.

Patch Avatar Spotlight

Arachna Alt Avatars
Queen Arachna.jpg
Queen Arachna

200 Gold coins.png
500 Silver coins.png
Brass Arachna.jpg
Brass Arachna
Icon Rise of the Clockworks.png
400 Gold coins.png
3000 Silver coins.png

250 Gold coins.png
1500 Silver coins.png
Rift Arachna.jpg
Rift Arachna
Icon Rift Beasts.png
400 Gold coins.png
3000 Silver coins.png
POG Arachna

100 Gold coins.png
750 Silver coins.png

390 Gold coins.png
2500 Silver coins.png
Black Widow.jpg
Black Widow
Icon War Effort.png
Quests Only
Yokai Arachna.jpg
Yokai Arachna
Icon Yokai.png Icon Limited Edition.png
450 Gold coins.png
3500 Silver coins.png
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